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Wiren: Symphonies 2 & 3 / Concert Overtures


Anonymous says:

Brilliant music in very fine performances I know that I had some Dag Wiren LPs back in the day, but I don’t think I’ve ever owned a single Dag Wiren CD. And that has now been rectified with this CD and the subsequent volume with his fourth and fifth symphonies. I did remember enjoying his music, so why it took so long to come back to it is not known to me. But CPO to the rescue, which is exactly how I found the two CDs – I was looking at a complete list of their releases and there these were.This is wonderful music from…

Anonymous says:

Wirén belonged to the Swedish group “Composers of the Thirties” encompassing Lars-Erik Larsson and Gunnar de Frumerie. His Serenade still survives in the concert hall, but his symphonies are rarely heard – which is a pity indeed, for these are superbly crafted, imaginative, inventive and memorable works. Stylistically, you might try to imagine Sibelius, Alfvén and Nielsen filtered through a lyrical neo-classicism (melodic, but still rather strict, even austere neo-classicism) and mixed with an…

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