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With a telescope I took a picture of Jupiter every 3 minutes for 5 hours, then put all the pics together to make a gif.


AllanQuatermain says:

I can see Uranus from here.

RealHorrorshowKeeshkas says:

Too easy, could the weak spot be anymore obvious?

TheKingSlayer says:

Shouldn’t be the Sun?

Edwardthegiraffe says:

It’s actually a giant particle beam cannon.

bubbleweed says:

you must destroy the protector moon first, then the red spot becomes vulnerable.

ObsceneNameHere says:


fuckyeahimcanadian says:

That’s pretty cool OP, how much would if cost to get a telescope that can see that far?

mutuallyrecursive says:

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve never managed to see the planets in our solar system in the sky.

mahgad says:

It would be cool if a non-tits-ass-yogapants-GoT-“old but still my favourite”-“Anna Kendrick everyone” post makes the front page!

GeraldFord says:

that is awesome..and jupiter looks like a giant jaw breaker candy

mutuallyrecursive says:

With my bare eye, I mean

mutuallyrecursive says:

Also, why are some comments here two months old but it’s on the front page of user submitted?

equityforpunks says:

Now people. This effort should get to FP. For science for real for once.

matrixzone5 says:

Idk but it keeps happening to me I just found a comment I made 3 no this ago on a post

Sometimesbasketballsometimespoop says:

Unless you’ve lived your entire life in a major city with light pollution, or unless you’re blind or something like that, you’ve (1/2)

Sometimesbasketballsometimespoop says:

probably seen Venus and just didn’t realize it. (2/2)

mutuallyrecursive says:

Yeah, that’s the point. I’m space illiterate ūüôĀ

Sometimesbasketballsometimespoop says:

Consider the following: the front page! +1

mutuallyrecursive says:

Oh, and here I thought imgur just got the date wrong.

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