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Woman Has Tanned Every Day for 10 Years: Tanning Addicts Risk Health Problems


Kevin X says:

Just Make Her Watch
Final Destination.
Addiction INSTANTLY Cured.

JN Entertainment says:

I’m not even tan. Just black lmao

J a n e says:

Trisha is the second orange.

Alphanatrix1067 * says:

Beauty obsession is a mental illness. And it’s incredibly dangerous. Imagine increasing your risk of getting cancer just to look a certain way. Humanity is de-evolving instead of evolving.

Andy okey says:

Here in India many are taking..
Gluthathione for snow white skin…but still doesnt work in many..but here they tan…

Andy okey says:

Omg…we would pay thousands to get her natural skin tone…
But she tan…omg

Kimberley Pex says:

Addicted , me too ! Its soooooooo relaxing ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Basti Chan says:

Girl wanna look like a turd

Life Matter says:

Anyone here in 2020

Psych hyperfocus says:

If they get skin cancer, they don't deserve to be treated

Devani Renee Ortman says:

My mom tans easily without going to a tanning salon and skin cancer

The Sarians says:

I tan outside once a week

Pentium says:

Ahh Trisha… That’s not your only problem.

Liam McNamara says:

She on that itchyitchygow

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