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World War Z


Senor Zoidbergo says:

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE UNRATED CUT AND THE THEATRICAL CUT The Unrated Cut runs about 7 minutes longer than the Theatrical Cut, and primarily contains additional action shots (nothing major). Director Marc Forster has said that the Theatrical Cut IS the Director’s Cut, which also unfortunately means that we will not be seeing any footage from the discarded Battle of Moscow (except for a few quick scenes in the closing montage) and the Matthew Fox subplot.The UNRATED Cut is the one to get! It contains slightly more gore (but not…

Jared M. Kuntz "wakingupin528" says:

Thrilling, Intense and A Well-Made Beginning World War Z is Brad Pitt’s zombie epic about the spread of a virus that turns people into the undead, but instead of walking they sprint and create chaos with every step. Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former UN investigator who is called into action by an old friend when the human race is on the brink of extinction. While he risks his life to look for a cure, his family (with his wife Karin played by the incredible Mireille Enos) is on a US Navy Carrier out at sea. Nations fall, people turn on each…

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