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Would Nas Ever Record ‘Illmatic 2’ ?

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VIBE Magazine says:
Candy Man says:

Wouldn’t Stillmatic be considered Illmatic part 2.

Avery Jackson says:

Stillmatic WAS Illmatic 2.

dominique easterling says:

everybody always siced up illmatic but personally i think that stillmatic
was better than illmatic

TraneGaddafi says:


Tomasuqz says:

date of this album? for this year or the 2015? please answer me

Collective State TV says:

Mikey asking the tough questions 

RIKALZ says:

i feel nas…nas DO NOT MAKE A ILLMATIC PART 2…because everybody is going
to want it to top the original illmatic,and that album took place during
one of the best years in hip hop, the 1991-1997 era.

ronnizamov96 says:

i think he shouldnt record illmatic 2 … if he does plan on doing it would
only be right to work with the same producers

Joe Shmo says:

April 15th 2014.. Can’t wait.

Patricia Barnes says:

Love Nas ( real)

Derrick Johns says:

This year march I think…

TheBramptonBully says:


ARTMUSEUM1985 says:


akeemak22 says:

There is a Illmatic pt2……… Akeem-the most beautiful…..
Like nas was in 94

Spencer Dockery says:

Nas could be president

Tone Pro says:

I don’t even think it would make sense. Stillmatic seemed like the perfect
sequel to Illmatic. I don’t see a need for Illmatic 2.

Dannystateofmind says:

that would be terrible, first stillmatic was kinda suppose to be illmatic
pt2 but it didn’t come close, so making a “illmatic 2” would tarnish the
name, Even if the album would be great it still would never be comparable
to illmatic, plain and simple.

BloodofaSlave HeartofaKing says:

he should name illmatic 3 willmatic since stillmatic was technically
illmatic 2

thetlindo701 says:

Stillmatic was the evolved Sequel

KiN CAMELL says:


iamsukafree says:

stillmatic was a part 2. & imo stillmatic is better than illmatic.

まさのぶ  田中 says:


Canarsie Pier says:

wish i could watch this but if the ads dont let me click off them in 3
seconds i look elsewhere

MrMrnasty2012 says:

Stillmatic was definitely illmatic 2 he needs to keep it there he’s too big
an artist to follow others.. He’s a true legend 

T 123 says:

Illmatic 2 would be awsome but now he has his own shoe company


well he did do Stillmatic….

Arthur Williams says:

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