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WTF: Don Lemon Asks Muslim Human Rights Lawyer If He Supports ISIS (Video)

The terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo yesterday was tragic and 12 people were killed in the massacre.

While on the surface this attack may seem to have been motivated by religious extremism, there is no religion in the world that would actually condone the murder of innocent people.

CNN’s Don Lemon just doesn’t seem to understand the idea that the men who carried out these attacks are nothing more than criminals with no regard for human life. Religion didn’t cause them to take up arms.

It was their own psychoses. The same could be said for the members of ISIS.

Well, a Muslim human rights lawyer named Arsalan Iftikhar appeared on Lemon’s show to talk about the attack. Naturally, Iftikhar categorically condemned the attackers and expressed nothing but sorrow for the victims of the attack.

Yet, Lemon seemed to be in desperate need to make a connection between these attacks, ISIS and the religion of Islam.

He seemed so hell-bent on accomplishing this, he went as far as to ask Iftikhar if he supported ISIS.

Iftikhar was taken aback by the highly offensive question as you can see in this Vine:

And Lemon wonders why he made the Columbia Journalism Review’s list of worst journalism of 2014…

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