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‘WTF!?!’ Goddard College comms manager compares Mumia Abu-Jamal to Gandhi!/lyndseyfifield/status/517678216375713792

As Twitchy reported, students at Goddard College handpicked convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to deliver their fall commencement speech. And the Goddard’s communications manager Samantha Kolber is totes OK with that:

@SgtTim911 @Cameron_Gray ? I haven't omitted anything and I never invited Mumia…if u read the students invited him.

— Samantha Kolber (@SamanthaKolber) October 1, 2014

Yeah, “the students” invited him. But Kolber thinks it’s cool and stands behind their decision:

@SgtTim911 @Cameron_Gray We as a progressive College have a responsibility to grapple w/ and explore tough issues with our students.

— Samantha Kolber (@SamanthaKolber) October 1, 2014

Because when it comes to cold-blooded murder, there’s so much to “explore.”

"Free people have a right to decide for themselves what they want to hear." – @MumiaAbuJamal

— Samantha Kolber (@SamanthaKolber) October 2, 2014

And we should listen to an unrepentant cop killer because …

Murder is wrong. Free speech is right. Sometimes these exist together. #Duality #truth #complexity

— Samantha Kolber (@SamanthaKolber) October 2, 2014

Wait … what? Quick, Sam, say something else!

@LoLosPassion Gandhi was also a convicted felon, should he not have had a platform? #freespeech for all.

— Samantha Kolber (@SamanthaKolber) October 2, 2014

See? Mumia’s just like Gandhi! Two men cut from the same cloth!

@SamanthaKolber @LoLosPassion whoa, comparing Gandhi to a cop killer. Where did you go school again?

— Vermonter (@VTRepublican) October 2, 2014

@SamanthaKolber @LoLosPassion How many people did Gandhi murder? #Strawman

— JP Quinn (@JPQ904) October 2, 2014

WTF!?! –> RT @SamanthaKolber: @LoLosPassion Gandhi was also a convicted felon, should he not have had a platform? #freespeech for all.

— EducatédHillbilly (@RobProvince) October 2, 2014

@Cameron_Gray @SamanthaKolber Who knew that Gandhi killed a police officer. that should be breaking news. The students are imbeciles.

— Me in Jersey (@Me_In_Jersey) October 2, 2014


@SamanthaKolber @MumiaAbuJamal Next you can quote Ted Kazynski, Richard Ramirez, James Earl Ray and Jack Ruby. They're socially sound too.

— Slippery Slope (@above_bored) October 2, 2014

@rws1959 @Cameron_Gray @HarrietBaldwin @getwiredms @SamanthaKolber Charles Manson couldn't get a day pass

— DANEgerus (@DANEgerus) October 1, 2014

Bummer, man. Maybe next year, huh, Samantha?

@SamanthaKolber @SgtTim911 @Cameron_Gray Ms. Kolber, read the transcripts and the eyewitness testimony – you defend an unrepentant murderer.

— Stephen A. Miskin (@Sam1963) October 2, 2014

@SamanthaKolber Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner could not be reached for comment, #GoddardCollege

— Tim Sumner (@SgtTim911) October 2, 2014

@SamanthaKolber this is not one of those times

— Jack Leahigh (@celticfc411) October 2, 2014

@SamanthaKolber @MumiaAbuJamal Have you even for a moment thought about the freedom and dignity Mumia robbed from Daniel Faulkner?

— weston (@westonve) October 2, 2014

We’re guessing the answer is no.

@undergradwoman @SamanthaKolber Because you support him you have shown yourself to be morally bankrupt and/or incredibly naive. Or stupid.

— Jennine Jones (@jenninejones) October 2, 2014

@SamanthaKolber @MumiaAbuJamal. Lady there is no polite way of saying this but . Both of you are fucking nuts .

— Skinner (@GhostDancer67) October 2, 2014



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