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Yeah… “Unforeseen”


eyemagiceye says:

this is what they’ve been weighting for

dDayvist says:

Which episode of the Simpsons was this?

badbear says:

But it’s for a good cause!

sushipl0x says:

on a kind of related note dunkin donuts is here in California now

Zhadan says:

Where I live there is no of this “Krispy Kreme” that you speak of.

DblStuffedOreos says:

A Krispy Kreme opened recently where I live and there was anarchy, damn you delicious bastards!

Nineteenletterslong says:

“Krispy Watch” or “Weight Kremers” ?

hobbesy007 says:

Had my first Krispy creme a few weeks ago. It won’t be my last!

AlexImguram says:

When the local Crispy Creme opened, there were two hour queues to get served. I love donuts, but even I find that hard to fathom.

kgirl924 says:

A Krispy Kreme donut is worth 11 weight watchers points. I’d they were REALLY good the rest of the day they could make it work.

sorple says:

unforseen circumferences

ChiodosBros says:

On average, how many points is a person supposed to consume in a typical day. Let’s say they don’t exercise much and are in their 20s.

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