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You may have seen this before its an old favourite of mine


LowFatBatman says:

I havent seen this +1

IjustLikeLongUsernamesButcantThinkOfAgoodOne says:

how can someone cry like this, so many tears

awilsonak says:

Knowshon Moreno of the Denver Broncos, everybody.

LittleKirby says:


exerticusnovem says:

years of pain and anguish… all released in one moment.

FenderTheStringBender says:

Death of a family unicorn

ercdvs says:

Its the like story of the puppy that lost its way. You got to get out there and find that &*$A! DOG!

awilsonak says:

as a Broncos fan, I’m happy about that.

Zelko13 says:

*Knowshon. Although I like your spelling better.

Mshine says:

That De-escalated quickly. Like everytime I fallen in love with someone…

430pm says:

he kinda reminds me of joseph addai (colts fan here) occasionally very great but never up to snuff

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