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birdjesus says:

healthcare so bad, even jesus didnt want it

TheDamDog says:

Spoilers: They charge you for the full ride anyway

FatCatKitKat says:

Is this the guy that got shot eight times while having sex?

beepbeepboopbeep says:

$500-$2000 for those wondering

ChuckNorrisAteMySock says:

Seriously. Sometimes just being alive costs too much.

CrazyMuffin says:

better run

dangerouslea says:

really though – it costs upwards of $1,000.

FeetToTheBeat says:

Let. Me. Outta Here!!

GobbleGobbleBitches says:

Someone care to elaborate for those of us who have never been?

ThatOneKidfromMN25 says:

Oh look, a ten foot pole.

thereisaneedtobeupset says:

I feel ‘appy!

Scorialimit says:

Sorry you got knocked out and had no say in this ride. Now give us a fuckton money you don’t have.

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