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10 Great Costumes You Can Still Wear After Halloween Lead The Daily Links

Those leftover cow nipples could be used to make your next dress, thanks to these fashion designers who are making amazing clothing out of recycled junk. – [Fast Company]

We know zombies want to eat brains, but what, neurologically speaking, is going on inside their own undead heads? – [mental_floss]


Oh, it’s “complicated” alright: According to a new study, Facebook knows how long your relationship will last. – [BroBible]

It’s like our favorite thing combined with our most hated thing: Investors say that drones could soon be used to deliver pizza. – [Bloomberg]

Adrian Cardenas always wanted to play in the majors, so why did he retire from baseball at age 26? – [The New Yorker]

If you’re going to shell out money on a Halloween costume, make it count: Here are 10 brilliant costumes you can wear all year round. – [Guest of a Guest]

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