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Razer's new 17" Blade Pro is a game-playing, content-making mega laptop

Razer has revamped its 17-inch laptop with an all-new version that has been rebuilt from the ground up. Weighing 6 lbs and up to 25% smaller than comparably-sized laptops in its class, the new Blade Pro is CNC-machined from a single block of aircraft-grade aluminum and houses all the latest tech to …

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Aether's new Divide Motorcycle Jacket is designed for long-distance journeys

Aether truly thought of everything when creating their new Divide Motorcycle Jacket. The jacket isn’t simply a piece for riding, it’s a jacket that’s built to be lived in whether you’re riding for the weekend or making a month-long, cross-contintental trek. The jackets are made out of waterproof …

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Aston Martin unveils their fastest convertible ever

Aston Martin’s flagship Super GT now comes in a Volante version that bottles up all the power of the coupe model in what is now the fastest convertible the company has ever produced. Powered by their 5.2L twin-turbo V12, the DBS Superleggera Volante produces 715 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque to …

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Databots Is an AI Death Metal Band Streaming Non-Stop on YouTube

We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t always want death metal blaring into our ears and rattling our brains around. There’s a time and a place for the highly technical and impressive genre.…

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota Johnson Are Fully Hanging Out Sans Chris Martin

Conservation of Leather and Related Materials (Conservation and Museology)

The conservation of skin, leather and related materials is an area that, until now, has had little representation by the written word in book form. Marion Kite and Roy Thomson, of the Leather Conservation Centre, have prepared a text which is both authoritative and comprehensive, including contributions from the leading specialists in their fields, such as Betty Haines, Mary Lou Florian, Ester Cameron and Jim Spriggs.

The book covers all aspects of Skin and Leather preservation, from Cuir Bouillie to Bookbindings. There is significant discussion of the technical and chemical elements necessary in conservation, meaning that professional conservators will find the book a vital part of their collection.

As part of the Butterworth-Heinemann Black series, the book carries the stamp of approval of the leading figures in the world of Conservation and Museology, and as such it is the only publication available on the topic carrying this immediate mark of authority.

* First book to cover the subject comprehensively
* Wide coverage, including Fish and Reptiles, Taxidermy and Furs, making it invaluable for conservator, curator and collector alike
* Technical aspects of conservation discussed in full

Product Features

  • Routledge

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CMO spend on analytics expected to double in next three years, despite overall economic uncertainty

A new report published by The CMO Survey has found that optimism in the US economy is at a seven year low among marketers.

On average, 56% of CMOs are feeling less optimistic about the nation’s economy during Q1 2019 and around half of CFOs believe the country will hit a recession before the end of 2019.

The report goes into a lot of detail as to the priorities of US marketers against the backdrop of these gloomy predictions.

What are their strategies when it comes to growing their businesses in 2019? And can AI led marketing technologies help organizations prepare for, survive and grow when the economic environment looks so uncertain?

This CMO Survey boasts respondents from more than 2000 for-profit companies across the US.

Economic uncertainty: CMO optimism about the overall economy at lowest level since August 2011

On average, where 0 is least optimistic and 100 is most optimistic, marketer optimism in the economy averaged 57 during February. This is the lowest level it has been since August 2011.

Additionally, 56% of marketers say they are now less optimistic about the US economy compared to last quarter. This compares to just 30% who said the same thing in August 2018.

graph are you more or less optimistic about the overall US economy compared to last quarter

Increasing dependence on analytics: CMO spend on analytics expected to double in next three years

Understandably, this pessimism is having an impact on marketing plans and priorities for 2019.

The report delves into strategies, as well as predictions as to what to expect from customers.

The top level expectation is that marketers still predict customer acquisition to be positive.

They also believe consumers will be buying in bigger volumes and more likely to buy related products.

When it comes to business spending, investment in domestic market penetration has become the focus for most marketers. This has seen a subtle shift in budgets away from product/service development, market development and diversification.

cmo spending on growth in last 12 months

Marketing budgets themselves are continuing to grow. Within this, spend on analytics is forecast to nearly double in the next three years – accounting for more than 11% of total marketing spend.

Analytics use is now at its highest point in six years, with AI and machine learning technology no doubt fueling this trend.

The trend is most notable among B2C companies.

Here, more than 68% of marketers are now saying that AI is being used for predictive analytics for customer insights.

top uses of AI in marketing, by economic sector

AI giving extra value to analytics as marketers look to improve efficiency

With market penetration becoming a primary focus and AI-led analytics being increasingly accessible for marketers, we can see businesses are looking to these technologies to assist them if economic forecasts prove to be true.

Christine Moorman, author of the report, writes at The CMO Survey blog:

“As far as doing more with less, using existing staff to handle a growing workload is a common recession playbook. Fortunately, marketing organizations have digital platforms, deep customer analytics, and cloud-based talent pools to help them accomplish their goals. It may require more effort, but it is doable.”

CMOs have always strived to have a clear understanding of the ROI from the marketing channels they are using. While this can be a challenge when staff and financial resources are limited – particularly during uncertain economic times – access to data and AI technologies have the potential to maintain and improve business efficiency even when investments need to be cut.

While optimism in the US economy might be at a low point, it is clear to see that there is abundant enthusiasm among marketers when it comes to the access and implementation of a growing range of martech solutions that can keep customers engaged and US businesses afloat.

Predictive analytics which can give a comprehensive insight into customers, the journeys they make, and their CLTV (customer lifetime value) looks to be a sensible investment among astute marketers even if they are quite unsure of what could be around the next corner for the domestic market.

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Martech news roundup: Salesforce acquires MapAnything, Google, Spotify news

In our roundup of this past week’s martech news, we highlight:

  • Salesforce acquires location-based software MapAnything
  • Google launches YouTube Music service on Google Home
  • Spotify to collaborate with Oracle Data Cloud on custom audiences for auto, retail, CPG industries

Top stories in marketing technology this past week:

Salesforce acquires location-based software MapAnything

What it is

MapAnything is a location-based intelligence software built natively on Salesforce’s AppExchange. It was originally released in 2012 as part of a suite of applications, but due to its unique popularity was rebranded in 2015 as an independent entity.

The software works to optimize sales territories, surface mobile data, automate field rep activity tracking, and track real-time location.

On April 17, the company signed a “definitive agreement” to be acquired by Salesforce, for an undisclosed amount.

Why it matters

Location-based marketing is an increasingly important space set to have huge impact on marketing in the near future.

For both B2C and B2B marketers, location-based intelligence allows more sophisticated ability to meet consumers at the right moment, in the right place, via their preferred device.

Google launches YouTube Music service on Google Home

What it is

Starting April 18, Google has made YouTube Music available on their smart assistant. Users can now select it as the default music service via the Google Home app.

It will be the free version (including ads) that has a couple restrictions such as only skipping ahead six times per hour. YouTube Music also offers an unrestricted premium plan at $10/month.

Why it matters

Billboard reported in the past couple weeks that Amazon may be looking to enter the free music streaming business as well.

Spotify to collaborate with Oracle Data Cloud on custom audiences

What it is

Spotify has announced a partnership with Oracle Data Cloud that will help marketers in the auto, retail, and CPG (among other) industries to target specific audiences.

With the auto industry, per Spotify’s example, this could include users who listen to Road Trip playlists or who stream music in the car.

Why it matters

Spotify users apparently purchase cars at a rate 26% higher than the national average. And we can assume similar segments and statistics exist for other industries.

By connecting Spotify’s data with Oracle’s targeting and measurement abilities, marketers will have yet another way to better connect with consumers.

See something we missed? Leave us a comment below!

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Keds Women’s Champion Original Leather Lace-Up Sneaker, White Leather, 8 M US

A leather-clad version of the original, these flat-soled Keds sneakers are made with the same iconic design known to cheerleaders and punk rockers alike.

Product Features

  • Care instructions is to spot wash, air dry only
  • Cushioned Ortholite insole

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Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip Flop,Ebony,9 M US

Downward dog meets upward grin…this is the zen-inspired sandal that started it all!

Product Features

  • Cushioned thong flip-flop featuring yoga-mat footbed and contrast print lining on strap

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