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Grill, Smoker & Fire Pit In One: The Burch Barrel

The Burch Barrel is a portable tripod grill that gives the freedom to burn briquets, lump charcoal, and even wood plus switches easily from grilling to chilling around the fire pit. Made of stainless & powder-coated steel, the lid & grate of the 18” diameter grill adjust with a pistol-grip pulley system for easy instant adjustment. The legs are also adjustable to ensure a stable set-up on all surfaces. Adjustable airflow venting controls heat & flame while locks on the lid let you clamp it shut for smoking.

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Moog Claravox Centennial Celebrates 100 Years Of Theremin

The mysterious sounds of the Theremin can be heard from Pink Floyd to the Pixies to Erykah Badu & now as the revolutionary electronic instrument turns 100, Moog has created a masterful special edition. The Claravox Centennial features a very intentional mid-century look: a smooth walnut exterior, bright brass antennas, and a bank of analog knobs & dials. The rest of the design is fully modern, equipped with USB/MIDI, it’s also fitted with endless inputs/outputs for seamless studio integration… all to make those groovy sounds.

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Porsche Design & Acer Create RS i7 Laptop

Porsche Design and Acer teamed up to create RS i7, a powerful 14-inch laptop with an all-metal chassis & a carbon fiber cover. Fusing Porsche Design with the latest Acer tech, it packs an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce MX350 GPU yet weighs just 2.65 lbs. That’s light! Its FHD IPS touchscreen is covered in Corning Gorilla Glass & battery life is 17 hours.

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For publishers, the pandemic closed an advertising door and opened a window

30-second summary:

  • Content commerce has shown itself to be a reliable and resilient monetization strategy for publishers during periods of economic uncertainty.
  • Content commerce has provided relief from lost ad sales, revenue for advertisers, and value to consumers.
  • Consumer buying behaviors continue to evolve as the long-term effects of the pandemic on digital commerce come into focus.
  • In the post-pandemic world, the role of commerce content in the typical publisher’s revenue strategy is likely to expand.

Even before COVID-19, many publishers were feeling under the weather. Publisher revenue had been on the decline since the later part of 2019 in part because of an increasingly large portion of ad dollars going to Facebook and Google.

Then the world shut down, and media and digital ad spend, especially B2C, plummeted. Unprecedented economic uncertainty and an upended retail landscape caused advertisers to slam hard on the budget brakes, and publishers felt the pain.

But then something interesting happened. Digital news outlets in particular saw an uptick in readership and subscriptions as shut-in consumers looked online for pandemic news and resources and help navigating the new normal.

Which masks work? What’s the best home treadmill? How on earth do I juggle kids and my job in the same room? Publishers were keen to identify the trends as they emerged and started churning out relevant content for information-hungry, highly engaged audiences.

Not the first time commerce content came out strong in a crisis

The pattern was similar during the 2008 financial crisis. Publishers saw increased viewership on articles that involved topics like job hunting, saving money, and personal finance.

And as they included affiliate links to the products mentioned, they started to see conversions and revenue rise from their content, because readers were clicking credit card signups and links to job boards hosted within the articles.

Then, as now, advertisers took notice of the increased traffic that was coming from publisher content and were quick to strike up deals for sponsored posts and content — a.k.a commerce content.

In the current crisis, this content-driven monetization model has meant salvation for publishers fighting for their lives. But it’s also the kind of resilient strategy the publishing world will need in a post-pandemic world.

Why content partnerships flourish in a crisis

Commerce content is product focused editorial content about a brand or service that drives revenue via purchases made as a direct result of the article. It’s a way for the enterprise to leverage the trust that publishers have built with their audiences to introduce products or services, in context, that resonate with the readership.

For the publisher, it’s a revenue driver and a balancing act. Authenticity, transparency and content value must be preserved to keep readers engaged and maintain credibility. And when done right, it can be a win for everyone.

For example, as home-bound consumers began navigating the multitude of new challenges and unfamiliar situations brought on by pandemic living, publishers and media houses began generating “best of” articles and reviews on supplies and goods consumers were actively looking for. Meat, for instance.

With supply chains and dining habits disrupted, consumers were finding empty meat cases at supermarkets and were also eager to find reliable supplies that didn’t involve a trip out in public. But for most, it was the first time they were buying something like meat only, and thus they were happy to find guidance from trusted sources.

Simultaneously, Pennsylvania-based Rastelli’s, which had been a premium supplier of proteins mainly to now-closed hotels and restaurants, was looking for new avenues to get its products directly to consumers.

To build awareness, it began to nurture CPA partnerships with respected media outlets like CNN and CBS Interactive. Those outlets were increasingly generating popular content for things like “online meat delivery” and “best meat subscription companies” for consumers who were literally hungry for quality meat products delivered safely to their doors.

The alignment of all those stars led Rastelli’s to contract more than 200+ commerce content placements with mass media outlets during the first half of 2020.

Sales soared, and CNN commerce content alone drove 15% of the company’s revenue growth in Q2. Commerce content relationships quickly became the company’s most lucrative type of partnership and a massive source of new revenue.

Rastelli’s got exposure and sales; publishers got revenue; and consumers got dinner.

Sustainable revenue in the pandemic and beyond

For publishers and media houses open to performance-based deals and able to hit the right note to maintain editorial integrity, commerce content is definitely a way to recoup revenue lost during this chaotic year. But that’s really just the beginning.

Commerce content also has the potential to become a large and sustainable contributor to total publisher revenue in the long run.

Here’s why:

  • Advertisers are seeing success with commerce content, and CPA channels are seen as less risky and thus more likely to be maintained during good times and bad.
  • Consumers who are now used to doing their own research online typically trust the content publishers generate more than traditional advertising and are more likely to click through to purchase.
  • Similar to direct ad deals, with commerce content, publishers have the opportunity and leverage to define terms and conditions directly with brands and advertisers and to avoid middle-men network fees.

Will CPM ad budgets and flat-fee deals be resurrected in the post-COVID economy? Maybe. But content partnerships are unlikely to fade back into the woodwork.

They have demonstrated that they can drive incremental revenue for both publishers and advertisers and offer unique resilience during times of uncertainty. They deserve a larger role in every publisher’s long-term revenue strategy.

Kevin Roy is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Impact, where he focuses on affiliate partnerships, lead gen, and content partnerships. Though rooted in partnership automation, he uprooted his life in NYC since the pandemic to become a digital nomad, always asking, “Where to next that allows me to observe the six-feet rule?”.

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The power of voice can help marketing teams capitalize on content

30-second summary:

  • Trint, an AI-powered transcription technology platform, published a whitepaper explaining how to repurpose video and audio into multiple types of content.
  • Virtual events present a huge opportunity to repurpose video and audio beyond the initial event—but only if that content is accessible.
  • Speech-to-text technology like Trint’s can transcribe audio in real-time with the help of AI. It has a high degree of accuracy, enabling voice content to be turned into transcripts which can then be repurposed as blogs, sales decks, customer stories, social media posts, and more.
  • Automated transcription tools, like Trint’s AI-powered speech-to-text platform, offer a quick (and easy) solution for making video content more accessible through video captioning and transcripts.
  • Trint’s platform enables team collaboration, which is essential during this period of working from home, combining automated transcription with AI-enhanced accuracy. Learn more by downloading their free white paper from ClickZ.

How can you make your video and audio work harder, increasing the overall speed-to-market for content production and achieving a better ROI? In a word: intelligent transcription (okay, that’s two words).

Trint is an AI-powered transcription technology platform headquartered in London. They explain how to leverage the power of audio and video content in their whitepaper, Capitalizing on Content: How Marketing Teams Can Get the Most Mileage From Their Content Investments.

Content created in partnership with Trint.

Virtual events provide a wealth of content

This year, we’re all going virtual out of necessity, with events like conferences, classes, and seminars taking place live over Zoom and other platforms.

Virtual events present a huge opportunity to repurpose audio content beyond the initial event—but only if that content is accessible.

Trint writes, “Repurposing your videos into blogs, sales decks, emails, customer stories and social media posts makes your content more accessible to consumers across multiple platforms, touchpoints and devices.”

Transforming your audio and video into new content requires an accurate transcription, which is incredibly time consuming, even maddening, when done manually.

Trint’s speech-to-text technology can transcribe spoken content in real-time. With the help of AI, it has a high degree of accuracy, saving marketers huge amounts of time by turning their audio and video content into transcripts which can be repurposed in many ways.

The importance of video captioning

While one key benefit of transcribing recorded content into text is the ability to repurpose it for marketing materials, it also provides an essential element for usability. Namely, captioning videos.

Captions, which are subtitles overlayed on videos, aren’t just a ‘nice to have’ for the many social media users who watch videos without the sound (as much as 85% on Facebook), but they’re required by law.

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires organizations to provide closed captions or video transcripts, making recorded content accessible for people with disabilities.

Trint’s AI-powered speech-to-text platform, provides a quick (and easy) way to produce  video captions and transcripts.

Trint can transcribe audio in real-time, so meetings, phone calls, and live events can be captured instantly, facilitating compliance and usability.

Unlocking the power of speech

Leveraging audio and video content so that it can be used for text-based marketing collateral requires accuracy. Trint lists several key ingredients that help achieve this, as follows:

  • Automated transcription: With automated transcription, inefficiencies and errors inherent with manual transcription are minimized. It also enables you to transcribe events in real-time, so you can quickly produce content as the event unfolds.
  • Productivity platform: Trint’s editable transcripts empowers teams to work together, enabling collaboration and eliminating bottlenecks. Editing and distributing a Trint transcript is easy and reduces the risk of error that comes with juggling multiple versions of a manually typed transcript.
  • AI-enhanced accuracy: AI-powered transcription creates accurate documents quickly, saving users as much as 75% of time spent on manual transcription. Fast, accurate transcripts give organizations  the ability to produce and repurpose written content faster than ever. Trint’s technology combines automated speech recognition (ASR) with natural language processing (NLP), to produce fast transcripts with as high as 99% accuracy, with clear audio and speech.

Collaborative capabilities with Trint

While automated transcription alone can help improve your content’s speed-to-market, Trint is a collaborative tool aimed at facilitating team collaboration. As such, they’ve equipped their platform with capabilities that enable marketing teams to work together to produce content more quickly. A few of these include:

  • Searchable editing: The Trint Editor maps each recorded word to the transcription making it searchable and eliminating the need to listen to lengthy audio files to locate specific topics or pull quotes. The Editor also allows users to add comments and highlight key moments aiding collaboration and speeding up content creation.
  • Customizability: Trint’s Vocab Builder enables users to create a custom list of words and phrases that might otherwise trip up the AI functionality. This is perfect for jargon-heavy industries, like law and medicine.
  • Instant translation: Trint instantly translates entire transcripts into up to 54 languages, letting users speak to their global audience.

To learn more about Trint and how you can leverage the power of voice in your marketing initiatives, download their free whitepaper from here.

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Hoka One One releases their lightweight Rocket X running shoe

Coming in at just 7.4oz, the new Hoka One One Rocket X showcases their latest innovations in a lightweight, high-performance running shoe. The design features a new lightweight EVA foam for softer feel and enhanced responsiveness while a 1mm carbon plate allows for a more efficient stride. It also …

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Issey Miyake releases the Konstantin Grcic-designed Roku watch in a new limited edition

Designer Konstantin Grcic has updated his Roku watch design for Issey Miyake with a limited edition in a dark blue finish. From the hexagon-shaped case to the dial and leather strap, the entire watch has a monochromatic finish with white accents on the indexes and hands that perfectly contrast …

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Jaguar's 2021 E-PACE reveals its extensive refresh

Jaguar reveals the newly tweaked 2021 E-PACE with a refreshed exterior that features aerodynamic refinements to the bumper, a new grille design, and new LED headlights with “Double J-blade” daytime running lights. The exterior can also be specified with an optional Black Exterior Pack with …

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Harry's launches a limited edition handle collection with Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon adds a sculptural new option to Harry’s popular line of razors. A collaboration between Harry’s and Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, the razors are inspired by vintage safety razor handles with two unique forms crafted out of aluminum. Available in true aluminum and anodized black …

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Logitech's new trackball saves space and gives you up to two years of battery life

If your traditional mouse has been taking up too much space on your desktop, Logitech’s new M575 not only frees up your desk but also keeps your hand and forearm comfortable with its ergonomic design. The ergonomic shape maintains a comfortable space for your hand and since the trackball is fixed, …

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