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Mercedes-Benz Rolls Out 2022 EQS Electric Sedan

Designed to be the first truly premium luxury electric sedan on the market, Mercedes’ forthcoming 2022 EQS sets a high bar. Similar in detail to its gas-powered S-Class counterparts, this […]

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Being an effective marketing leader with Mark Evans, Direct Line Group

Today’s ClickZ Digital Marketing podcast hosted by Tim Flagg welcomes Mark Evans, Managing Director Marketing and Digital at Direct Line Group. They talk about what it takes to be a modern marketing leader, Sprintathons, audience insights, advertising effectiveness, transparency, and why curious marketers love a good challenge.

Mark draws on years of his professional expertise from Petco and Mars, love of running for a cause, and sports greatest of all time (G.O.A.Ts) to share his unique point of view on what makes a great modern leader.

5:00 – The importance of a people-first approach

6:10 – Biggest misconception people have about the marketing director’s role

7:57 – The essential skills and qualities a marketing leader needs to have these days

10:38 – Examples of audience segments and how Mark gathered these data insights to informed advertising and marketing

14:20 – Mark’s experience at Petco, and how walking with customers and their pets helped gain insights that blend quantity and quality

15:10 – The most effective channels for community engagement

15:50 – The contradiction of the death of television and how it still is the number one acquisition and brand building media

19:19 – How the Direct Line Group measures performance and attribution in Insurance

27:25 – Direct Line Group’s take on the trend of in-housing and hybrid models

30:25 – Why the sky is not falling even with the cookie winter/cookie sunset/cookie tsunami

31:45 – The exciting yet volatile future of marketing and sector-specific challenges

Click here for the podcast on SoundCloud and join the conversation with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Cartier Introduces Solar-Powered Tank

Cartier’s new Tank collection includes the brand’s first solar-powered watch. The SolarBeat Tank Must is a slim, square stainless automatic powered by SolarBeat movement. Light that passes through the Roman […]

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Swatch gets ready to release their first Bioceramic timepiece

Swatch is set to release its latest innovation with a new line of watches made out of Bioceramic. The watch expands on the ideas from the Bioreloaded collection of last year, complementing its use of bio-sourced plastics with their new Bioceramic material. The 47mm case has a soft touch surface …

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Gigabyte Aorus packs everything you need in a gaming monitor

Gigabyte’s Aorus brand is launching its first range of 4K gaming monitors and they pack everything you need for the best experience possible. Every model features HDMI 2.1, capable of delivering 48Gbps of bandwidth and a 144Hz refresh rate (120Hz for the OLED) with a 1ms response time for a …

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Today’s Steals (4.14.2021): Crystal Whiskey 10oz Old Fashioned Tumbler Glasses – 49% Off ++

This Optimus Prime Robot is a Real Transformer

Hasbro & Robosen Robotics teamed up for this new Transformers Optimus Prime. It’s a 19” programmable smart ’bot that really seems like Optimus. He’s voice-controlled, mobile controlled, responds to 25 […]

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Drink It All In with a Mazama Intake Hydration Bladder

With the Intake Series, Bend, Oregon’s Mazama Designs has evolved the personal hydration bladder to new levels of streamlined functionality. They fill-up quick and easy with the expandable Flexfill  opening […]

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Bentley reveals the latest version of its ultimate convertible

In terms of elegance and performance, nothing comes close to the Bentley GT Speed Convertible. The newest version of the car features an updated 6.0L W12 that produces 650 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque, allowing for a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 208 mph. The convertible features a …

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