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The Limited Edition Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Phantom Sounds as Good as it Looks

Exotic watchmaker Ulysse Nardin and high-end French audio brand Devialet came together to create the latest limited-edition Swiss-Made Hourstriker. Beyond its unique looks and impressive build-sheet, the 43mm titanium-case Phantom delivers audio like no watch you’ve ever heard. With an advanced membrane inside the case that acts as an amplifier as well as torsion arms on the case-back to disperse sound, the watch delivers 85 decibels of crisp, clear sound. via

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Case study: How CenturyLink used Qualtrics XM to reduce customer churn

ClickZ recently met with industry-leading communications company CenturyLink to discuss how their focus on improving customer experience (CX) helped reduce customer churn after merging with Level 3 Communications in late 2017, and how they used Qualtrics XM (Experience Mangement Platform) to do that.

Headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, CenturyLink provides connectivity, cloud, and security solutions for digital businesses and consumers. They offer DSL and fiber internet service in 37 states and throughout the world.

What is experience management?

The experience economy has changed the way businesses compete. Today, organizations must continuously listen to the beliefs, emotions, and intentions of customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and all other stakeholders. This type of data is called experience data, or X-data.

Businesses must be able to interpret and analyze large amounts of X-data, and understand its relationship to the operational data of the business, or O-data. Operational data is data that businesses already collect each day through their systems (e.g., a list of top salespeople, customer inventory, purchase data, etc.). Experience data looks at how each core stakeholder interacts within the business (e.g., are your salespeople unhappy and about to quit?)

Experience management is the discipline of using both X- and O-data to manage and improve the four core experiences of business: customer, employee, product, and brand.

Cross-platform survey—Source: Qualtrics

Customer experience management can have a tremendous impact on a company’s ROI.

Qualtrics recently announced data from a study conducted by Forrester Consulting which demonstrated that a composite organization based on Qualtrics customers saw a 633% ROI over three years, equaling benefits of over $38 million.

This includes $24.5 million in improved customer care support, $12.3 million in increased customer retention and reduced customer acquisition costs, and $1.7 million in avoiding costs of previous survey and analytics tools.

What CX management means to CenturyLink

ClickZ spoke with Beth Ard, VP of Customer Experience and Karen Humphreys Russell, Director, Voice of the Customer at CenturyLink to find out why they chose Qualtrics and what motivated CenturyLink to focus on CX management in the first place.

From a corporate perspective, CenturyLink realized that customers have relationships with multiple stakeholders including their employees, brand, and product.

Beth Ard explains, “This is an evolution in the way we think of the voice of the customer. We’ve got to take a holistic view of our customer experience and think of it well beyond the traditional silos that it’s been in before.”

For CenturyLink, CX management is a powerful tool that allows them to pool all of their experience data in one place, giving them a holistic view of the customer’s relationship with them and providing deeper insight into how customers, employees and other stakeholders interact with the company—and each other—at all touchpoints.

Says Ard, “Our employees are very influential in how well they’re enabled to give a good experience to customers. We can see the linkage between customer experience and employee experience.”

Why choose Qualtrics?

These days, most companies have a “voice of the customer” platform, but when CenturyLink and Level 3 came together as two companies in 2017, they realized their company had become very complex. They decided to look outside the organization at other experience platforms to determine how to get a handle on the combined customer experience that they wanted to create.

example of setting up a campaign on qualtrics, case studySource: Qualtrics

“An acquisition forces you to come to the table,” says Ard. “We wanted to be able to drive a combined brand experience and have a good handle on our customers as they went through this process with us while we were merging. It became a good opportunity for the team to think about the customers’ experience differently.”

In their acquisition of Level 3, CenturyLink inherited a business focused on enterprise customers. They needed to quickly get a handle on their newly combined customer group. This is ultimately why it made sense to go out and look at a new solution. It can be very disruptive for customers when two companies come together and they wanted to stay on top of that disruption to prevent losing customers.

“We really needed to listen to our customers in a lot of different ways so we could keep the churn low,” explains Karen Russell. “We had very little in the way of significant churn when we came out of that merger. We were successful in listening and making sure that we could make our customers happy during the process.”

CenturyLink used Qualtrics to present surveys at each touchpoint of the customer’s journey. They were also able to use the tool to minimize the need for a large customer experience oversight team, so even though they came together as a very big company, they had a small team of extremely skilled people who were leveraging the platform.

“We needed a platform that was really usable,” says Russell. “It had to be easy to set up, and easy to change, and easy to scale as we learned more about our customers.”

Positive results from managing customer experience

Qualtrics provided a platform from which CenturyLink was able to unite the newly integrated companies around a single vision. It gave them access to the data they needed for their customers to come along on the journey with them.

using qualtrics to manage customer experience, case studySource: Qualtrics

The customer experience team set up dashboards in a mobile application that gave the team access to all the data. They then modeled business outcomes based on this data, which was critical for reducing churn and keeping customers happy.

CenturyLink measured their success on how customer and stakeholder data influenced the business in revenue, sales, and lifetime value which resulted in a positive ROI for the program.

Investing in a single customer experience management platform enabled CenturyLink to reduce costs in other areas such as SaaS tools and professional services as well as reduce the spend for the global program even though the company grew. The fact that it’s a self-serve platform that is easy to use meant they could reduce spending on services with other vendors and not have to pay for two or three disparate systems from legacy companies.

“Qualtrics enabled us to close the loop with customers, so when their feedback is negative, we pick up the phone and send them an email,” explained Russell. “We’re in the middle of looking at predictive analytics right now and can also do some predictive modeling to help prioritize where to focus next. Although a human does have to review the data at some point, predictive modeling allows us to understand sentiment, trend, and theme—everything that drives the customer—using their own words.”

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The Philosophy of FreeMarketology

FreeMarketology, an independent production, providing contrarian economic commentary.

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Sweater by Intellect & Instinct Design Company
IG: iandidesignco

Suggested Readings:
The Prince by Niccolo Machevelli
AfterShock by Robert Reich
The Tanning of America by Steve Stoute
The Death of Common Sense by Phillip K. Howard

**DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial adviser nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research and understand the risk before making any investment.

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Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's PDA Is Decidedly Over-the-Top

Kylie Jenner's Rise and Shine Is the Meme We Need Right Now

Tyler Cameron Says Kanye West Lost His Confidence

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The CarAide 3X is a Roadside Emergency Marvel

With 12-volts & 1000 amps at peak current, the compact CarAIDE 3X packs enough power to jump start over 80% of vehicles—cars, motorbikes, watercrafts, ATVs, UTVs, mowers, yachts, snowmobiles, and more. It also works as a dual USB powerbank and 300-lumen light. There’s also a  compass, thermometer, hook, emergency rope, emergency alarm, window breaker, seat belt cutter, & industrial magnet.

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Tru Optik releases Privacy.TV, CCPA-compatible solution for Net-based TV

Connected TV (CTV) audience platform Tru Optik is out with a free privacy compliance solution, Privacy.TV, for Net-delivered TV programming that supports California’s new privacy law.

Privacy.TV will be available in beta this quarter and become commercially available next year. It lets users opt-out of having their collected data used for audience-based ad targeting, for an individual or for a household and for any specific device.

Privacy.TV builds on Tru Optik’s previous privacy compliance offering, called OptOut.TV, which the company launched in early 2018.

But the new solution is designed to meet the additional privacy requirements of the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which goes into effect in January. For instance, there are provisions for profile correction, an API for partnering organizations and the ability to provide audit records of opt-out and audience data usage over five years.

U.S.-only for now

Tru Optik CEO Andre Swanston told ClickZ via email that Privacy.TV is intended for initial use only in the U.S. Although there may eventually be versions for Europe and other markets, he said the solution is not currently supporting the privacy requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The opt-out profiles will employ the people-based IDs from credit bureau TransUnion. Privacy.TV opt-out screens are available over the Web, meaning they are available for video programming directly delivered over the web to TVs or set-top boxes. Privacy.TV within Over-the-Top (OTT) apps, such as inside Hulu-with-ads or Sony’s Crackle, is in development.

While free, Privacy.TV is owned and operated by Tru Optik, and is available to Tru Optik’s clients and partners as well as the company’s platform. Swanston declined to say which other companies are participating in Privacy.TV, citing confidentiality agreements.

Tru Optik’s CTV data management platform, which is designed for OTT set-top boxes and Internet-accessible television programming, addresses 80 million households.

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BMW reveals the 2 Series Gran Coupe

BMW introduces the smallest option in its four-door coupe lineup, the all-new 2 Series Gran Coupe. The 2 Series Gran Coupe will be available in two models: the 228i xDrive Gran Coupe and the M235i xDrive Gran Coupe. The 228i model will be powered by a 2.0L four-cylinder that produces 228 hp and 258 …

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