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[2019] Air Fryer XL Best 5.5 QT 8-in-1 By (B. WEISS) Family Size Huge capacity,With Airfryer accessories; PIZZA Pan, (50 Recipes Cook Book),Toaster rack, Cooking Divider. XXL

Product Features

  • ★ 80% less fat Air Fryer is the healthiest alternative to deep frying as it only requires a tablespoon of oil or less! This means, you will consume 80% less fat while still enjoying all your favorite fried, grilled, baked and roasted foods! The cookbooks include classic recipes including french fries and fried Chicken, exotic recipes, and also desserts including .
  • ★ EASY TO CLEAN – Non-stick inner surface is easy to be cleaned with soap water. Additionally, you can put the basket in the dishwasher for your convenience.; clean the pot and tray with a soft wet cloth or non-abrasive sponge after removing the tray from the pot; dry completely before placing the tray and the pot back in the air fryer
  • ★ New Airfryer Rapid Air Technology Electric Air fryer with Rapid Air Circulation Technology, circulates hot air around a metal cooking basket, requiring little or no oil as it fries, bakes and grills. In addition to the heated air flow, powerful direct heat from above quickly crisps the food for delicious, golden-brown results while draining excess fat.
  • ★ AMAZING DESIGN: Simplicity of the design, nice inclined plane looking figure. Programmable Air Fryer Oven with clear digital pre programmed symbols that easily set up different temperatures and time frame, temperature from 180F to 400F and cook from 1-60 minutes.
  • ★ STOP ! YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS, WE GOT YOUR BACK. We provide you with a 1YEAR TIME warranty on our product so you can Buy with ease. And we want you to know that for any question or if you just need help, our support team is here for you 24 hours a day. So dont waste your time and click on “Add to Cart” and enjoy your new Air Fryer !

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Anonymous says:

Great way to eat healthier

Anonymous says:

The best air fryer on the market!! I’ve tried deferent air fryer before and this is my number one !! . A high quality machine that cooks fast and uses very little oil.I bought another one as a gift for my friends and they love it !!Definitely worth the investment and I wouldn’t recommend you buying any other model.Works great for lazy and busy people that appreciate good food .I seriously Don’t know how I lived without it in the kitchen , it’s can cook…

Anonymous says:

Pretty good overall, but has quirks to be noted I’ll get the cons or things to keep in mind over with first.Con 1 or consideration 1 – It’s not like holding a frying pan -easy to clean. The outter pan doesn’t have a handle in the typical sense. Thus if it’s still hot fresh out of the unit, don’t count on being able to hold it easily in one hand while using a soaped-plastic- sponge assembly like the sub 10.00 ones at walmart filled with soap to clean it. It’s bulky unless you hold it from the bottom and that part is still hot when…

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