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25 Harshest Environments Actually Inhabited By People

There are several factors that can be influential in making an environment harsh to live in. These factors can range from natural extremities such as freezing temperatures or arid lands; to political hostility and unrest. In spite of these challenges, people still manage to somehow live in these places. Check out these 25 harshest environments actually inhabited by people to see what these people have to actually overcome.

25. Greenland

Only this country’s rocky coastline isn’t covered in an ice sheet that can be up to 3 kilometers thick(1.8 miles). This ice sheet is what keeps the country’s population close to the rocky coastline. Additionally, the northernmost part of the country is just 740 kilometers (460 miles) from the North Pole.

24. Changtang Region

In spite of the short summers, the arctic winds and the precipitation that falls mostly has hail in this part of the Tibetan Plateau, a few hundred thousand people known as the Changpa call this place home.

23. Siberia

Parts of this place have boomed thanks to the discovery of oil, gas and minerals. However, it’s still as harsh as ever. In some places temperatures can go has high as 38 degrees Celsius(100 degrees Fahrenheit) during summer and plunge into double-digit negatives during winter.

22. The Outback

The fierce sun, infertile soil and arid weather keep the human population low in this desert, which covers most of Australia.

21. The Sahara Desert

Few humans call this place home and only nomads like the Tuareg have managed to survive on the its edges by trading, hunting and raising their livestock on meager vegetation.

20. Antarctica

The human population here swells to more than 4,000 during the summer season since researchers and their crew launch missions from the research stations here. During winter, around 1,000 stay to face shivering temperatures that can reach negative 70 degrees Celsius(-94 F).

19. Bangui, Central African Republic

As if suffering from neighborhoods that are located in low-lying places and are under constant severe floods is not enough; Bangui also sees regular civil strife by mutinies of soldiers plus coup attempts.

18. Conakry, Guinea

Power as well as water outages happen regularly here because of drought and old machineries. The traffic lights get turned off during night time, further endangering the city’s already fragile infrastructure.

17. Baghdad, Iraq

This city has sustained severe damage to its infrastructure because of war and sectarian violence lasting up to the present day. It’s one of the world’s least hospitable places and also has one of the worst qualities of living.

16. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

There are a lot of slums located in the hillsides overlooking the city and its infrastructure took an enormous blow when in 2010, a powerful earthquake struck the country.

15. Motuo, China

This isolated village has fresh fruit when the season is good and it even has wild animals nearby. However, there’s no access to preserved food when the crops don’t prosper and there’s also no access to any medical treatment making it a difficult place to live in.

14. Muli

This little town located on the Faroe Islands has a total population of four. Muli, and the Faroe Islands in general, are known for unpredictable weather, torrential rain, windstorms, fog and snow that can happen all year long. The landscape that surrounds this little town is bleak, having little vegetation or natural materials for humans to live on.

13. Minqin, China

This town now only has 60 miles of fertile land left. To make matters worse, there is a huge water shortage because of the Shiyang River drying up and the Bidain Jaran and Tengger deserts creeping in at about 33 feet per year.

12. Cherrapunji, India

This place is the wettest place on Earth. During the wet months, the moist air gets cooled, causing abundant rainfall, which can measure up to a thousand inches every year.

11. Laos

This country just becomes poorer and poorer as its communist regime becomes more and more oppressive. Each year, a lot of people die of starvation and many suffer from its declining economy and infrastructure.

10. Burma

After a coup and a rename from Burma to Myanmar, it has one of the strictest junta governments in the world. Human rights are also apparently absent here.

9. Mozambique

This country continues to be known for massive cases of both AIDS and malaria. Moreover, Mozambique suffers from a lack of safe drinking water in spite of getting tons of aid from the UN.

8. Nepal

This is an especially harsh place to live in if you’re a woman. Here, women get married off and have kids as early as 14. This adds to an alarming statistic of women who die giving birth because of lack of proper medical care. Sex trafficking is also rampant in Nepal and girls who aren’t married by the time they’re 18 enter the trade.

7. Sierra Leone

War and poverty practically define this small country in Africa, not to mention, its blood diamond crisis. The country is still on a downward spiral and living here isn’t preferred by anybody.

6. Chad

At present, this country contains central Africa’s primary water source in Lake Chad. However, this source has since started to dry up, leaving this African nation to suffer from drought and famine. Add to this the overwhelming number of Darfurian refugees getting into the country and you can start to see the exponential problem at hand.

5. Democratic Republic of Congo

Decades of war and genocides have torn this African country apart and the humanitarian crisis happening there is nothing short of disastrous. Despite the country being one of the continents’ biggest and richest regarding minerals, the people rarely see any profit made from its resources.

4. Sudan

Similar to other African nations in this list, murder is rampant in Sudan. The country’s president has even been declared a criminal by the International Criminal Court.

3. Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president, ran its economy to the ground, to say the least. Now, what used to be a wealthy nation is now one of the poorest in the world. Worth mentioning is that $1 U.S. dollar is equal to about 47,000,000 of their currency.

2. Pripyat

This Ukrainian city is best known for what happened during the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant meltdown forcing the evacuation of the entire city. Now, the only residents there are wildlife.

1. North Korea

Nearly a million people die of starvation here yearly and it’s only getting worse since the state decided to put all of its funding into building up its nuclear arsenal.

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