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50 Cent on His Confrontation w/ Steve Stoute @ Madison Square Garden


Esteban chats with 50 Cent about what he said to Steve Stoute on the floor at Madison Square Garden, and what song on his new album he thinks is the album’s “In Da Club.”

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Merhawi Tewolde says:

I Love Fif Mannn

Dany says:

Get a stylist 50 or fire the one u have G

Rob G says:

I think that this was the last album that 50 had to do to get off 5 album label contract. Personally, I think the album sucked. He wants to be CEO. He doesn't want to make songs and have to go on tour and shit.

Traypeats says:

50s as fake as press on nails

Pure Mind says:

what a gay ass interviewer !

BiggBrotha says:

What "fiddy" said about the situation didn't make any sense.

Wise One says:

1:16 "See how your MOUTH, makes things happen?" <—- Theee most gangsta subliminal of the year LMAO. Be careful what you say Steve! 50's listening! hahah

TheBeautyPerfection says:

50 we love you man. 50 you're great. Come to London!!

WatchitTV says:

Haha fif thought they would shake hands 0:02

Mustafa Senegal says:

i love his new music! cant wait till the album comes!

Mikepepp2 says:

You crazy that joint is hot . The music that is!!!

Gabasiane says:

fif is tripping about smoke, FOHWTBS

vintageblass says:

I hate those accidental handshake gestures, 50 caught it real quick thow…


Ion know whats really good w all these haters,but 50Cents is Tha Man…. He is real, his Lyrics are real… Cant wait for the album

Walkingtall says:

50s new album is fire


What's up 50 cent

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