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50 Cent Talks Kendrick Lamar, NY Hip Hop, Floyd Mayweather, G-Unit, Nas, & Disses Steve Stoute


Anthony Mizell says:

Worst interviewer ever, how are you going to talk over your guest? SMH

Victor Velazquez says:

No one likes FLEX lmao 


Flex is the worst…

Tyler McLaughlin says:

Not everyone is confrontational.

Eazy E 82 says:

Flex is so stupid. Let a MF talk. Especially when they are smarter than
you. Clown

MegaGhit says:

flex is so wackkkkkkkkkk

NB LV says:

me or maybe jay dats the truth right therrrrr stop hatin animal ambition
gone be dope

Manny Bleedz says:

I hate the way funk always speaks over the person his interviewing. shut
the fuck up and let them speak

rarulis says:

Steve stoute is a snake. Typical suit and tie motherfucker smile in your
face and take advantage behind the scenes.

NB LV says:

50 the goat stop hatin he didnt even have 2 drop the last album on
interscope they waz like you done made us so much money 50 you dont even
gotta give us anotha 1 we good WOW

Mario Garcia says:

Lmao 50 is like “I heard what you think flex” to shut him up

Alex3Top says:

yeah man! you know what would be cool? A G-Unit reunion. All G-Unit. 50,
Banks, Yayo and even Young Buck and Game and make an album as good as Beg
For Mercy.

airtightph deepee says:

Flex likes the sound of his own voice. lol

albert chawanga says:

Flex shut the fuck up

floyd mayweather says:

this is a serious interview minus flex’s yapping

Mi Sii says:

Funk Flex sounds like he is a faggot, dude is so annoying

Bob Berry says:

He said me or jay lol…

AcctNo4 says:

he just mumbles

Ryan Mckinven says:

50 keeping it old school fuck all you haters

Jay Sheeze says:

Flex soft soundin dude. Kay Slay bring the pain!

TheDarkhorseBrother says:

I agree

BTSdivision says:

tHE MOST underrated Legend. Jay z , Pac, Gucci mane, Jodeci Combined.

RIO L says:

Flex needs to change the way he do interviews..


yo flex ,shut da fuck up

Swaggie Wright says:

sunny knuckles says:

yoooooooooooooooooooo, ya’ll are right….flex shut the fuck up!!!!! damn
son let dudes talk!!!!

gsincs says:

I would love 50 to stop talking in codes and just speak whats on his mind.
Its frustrating listening to this dude.

Dorian H says:

Flex been in the game to long to be riding while interviewing. Unacceptable!

chillcity says:

50 is the best rapper alive, you’re a sac of shit

Malcolm Watson says:

Please Flex Stop talkin during these interviews!

thatsjas2 says:

always good to hear from fif…long as flex shuts up

dontizzle805 says:

I love 50 but James Kirkland has no chance to fight Floyd hahaha was he
serious wow

kano8506 says:

Flex is a gay ass dude.

GoombaKingg says:

how to rob>>>>kendrick control verse

deva tvtube says:

Flex sounds like a fag


lmao flex funny hahaha the way he talk like a moma

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