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50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

The Game of Life just got a whole lot easier to survive. 1.

Do one thing a day that scares you.

2. The hardest math you’ll ever have to do in life is splitting the bill at a restaurant and figuring out the tip. Make sure you keep up with your basic division and percentage skills as an adult.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Dress for comfort and don’t look at the sizes. Whatever fits your body perfectly is what will make you look your best.


Water with lemon is really refreshing and good for your metabolism.


Enough with the duck-faced selfies. Your natural smile is ten times more attractive. Show your teeth and beauty will follow.

6. Oh and also, enough with the selfies in general.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Text one old friend/acquaintance/relative a day, just to say hi. Let them know you miss them and are thinking of them or even just see how they’re doing. It makes you feel better when you rekindle an old relationship.


Diets are crazy and are often traumatic experiences. Start with something as simple as substituting white bread for whole wheat or ice cream for ice pops. Those little changes are very easy to do and can certainly make a difference.


Tell your parents or guardians you love them and appreciate all that they did for you in life. You wouldn’t be where you are without them supporting and caring for you.

10. Your pocketbook or bag should always be equipped with: pain relievers, band-aids, Tums, Chapstick, a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, tissue pack, mints/gum, and a pen.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Weight is just a number. It does not define you.


Try not to wash your hair every day. It really is better for your hair and it’s kind of liberating to not have to spend the time blow-drying and maintaining it every morning.


More people are going through similar things to you than you think. You are not alone. Reach out to others to give and receive support in times of need.

14. Staying in on a Friday night to watch a movie with your friends every once in a while is a really wonderful idea.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Going to the beach on the weekends can be really stressful. Wake up and get there early in the morning. From 8AM to noon, the weather is much more bearable, the beach is not crowded yet, and you’ll have a nice, quiet 4-hour nap in the sun.


When you’re a parent, you’re going to become the bug killer in the house. So if you can’t handle that now, you should probably start practicing.


Always bring a sweater to a restaurant, movie theater, or play.


Stop focusing on what you DON’T like about yourself and start appreciating what you DO. Confidence is the best accessory to have and others will take notice.

19. Breakfast is nutritious and delicious. Always eat it, never skip it.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Invest in a nice watch. It’ll become a staple in your adult life.


If you drink too much alcohol, coffee, or soda, start weaning yourself off ASAP.

22. However, if you eat too much chocolate, you’re totally fine. Continue as you were.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Go on Wikipedia and look up one random person, place, thing, food, microorganism, or historical figure that you know nothing about and read the whole article. And then, start clicking on other links from that page and expand your knowledge further. You’ll discover more useless information in an hour than a full year in school.


Pay back the people you owe. No one likes a moocher.


Do crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. Play Solitaire and Sudoku. Keeping your mind stimulated can help prevent cognitive decline and improve your memory skills as you get older.


Don’t take Advil – switch to Tylenol. Your stomach will thank you in the future.

27. Who cares if you can’t sing? If someone says something, SING EVEN LOUDER!

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Going to class, doing homework, and studying for tests are not lame. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. Education is important and your future depends on it.


Ladies, always have your nails painted or well-maintained. Gentlemen, always cut and clean them.


Always ask for help.


Keeping a diary or journal is hard. Try your best to follow through, but if not, at least jot down the important details of the big events in your life, like your graduation or wedding. When you look back to read them, it’ll help you remember not only what you did but how you felt.

32. Stock up on Old Navy flip flops. They are God’s gift to the world.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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You can never have too many Post-It notepads in the house.


Don’t spend too much time looking in mirrors. Always be on zit and booger patrol, but other than that, you look good.


Walk in the grass barefoot. It’s the best feeling in the world.

36. When you’re eating out at a restaurant with particularly large entrees, immediately separate your food in half. Eat one half and take the leftovers home. You won’t feel as painfully full and you already have your next day meal, FTW!

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Get a Pinterest. Besides great fashion and adorable puppies, there are some really awesome cooking recipes, DIY projects, and incredible life hacks that you should immediately incorporate into your everyday life.


When you’re out with your friends, don’t just sit there and scroll through Instagram or Facebook throughout the night. Be present, interact, and have fun. I mean, they’re your friends for a reason.


Make a bucket list and check back on it every few months to see how much you’ve accomplished.

40. Sleep is important. Listen to your body. Take a night off from going out and go to bed early. You’ll have a fresh start the next day.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Always drink a full glass of water with your pills and don’t lay down for at least 30 minutes after. If the pill doesn’t make it down to your stomach, you can and WILL get an ulcerated esophagus (learned that the hard way).


Call your grandparents often. They LIVE for those conversations with you.


Whenever you leave the house, even at 8AM to get your Dunkin Donuts coffee, always use mouthwash, change out of your pajama pants, and put a brush through your hair. The days that you don’t, you will inevitably run into someone that you’ll have to have a 5-minute conversation with.


Stretch every day. It’ll relax and de-stress you instantly.

45. Always chase down the ice cream man when he passes your block.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Don’t be afraid to change your hairstyle. Cut it, shave it, color it, spike it. Be brave and make a bold statement. It’s just hair; it’ll grow back if you don’t like it.


I know it seems annoying, but appease your mother and don’t stand in front of the microwave. She’ll sleep better at night.


Sunscreen will NEVER be uncool. Sure, you wanna be tan now, but do you really want wrinkles and a potential melanoma scare in the future? It’s not worth it.

49. Exercise regularly. Besides losing weight or getting in shape, the mental and emotional benefits from doing something as simple as walking everyday will drastically change you for the better.

50 Tips On How To Live Your Life

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Bad things will happen, you’ll make mistakes, things won’t go as planned. That’s life, and it’s just the way it is sometimes. Try your best to get through it, and once you do, don’t dwell on it. Thinking about the past will prevent you from living in the present.

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