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7 Ways Breakups Make You A Better, Stronger Person

Breakups are never easy.

But they are a part of life and an important part of growing up. Breakups push us to reset our lives and upgrade our careers and dreams.

Even when love knocks you down, it can pick you back up. Relationships, no matter how they end, teach us valuable lessons.

And no matter how low you might feel when one has run its course, always remember this: Relationships make you a better, stronger person in so many different ways.

You gain perspective.

When youre in a relationship, its easy to put parts of your life on the backburner as your budding romance takes off.

But after youve gone through a breakup, you can see clearly again. You realize that its time to focus on yourself and the people you love.

You realize what you want and what you don’t want.

Relationships are one big learning experience. They teach you whatyou want out of life and from a partner and what you do not want. When one comes to an end, you realize what brings you happiness, and you make sure to upgrade the next time you date someone.

Over time, you begin to understand how you want to be treated and which qualities youre not willing to compromise on. Its through this process that you learn about yourself and what brings you the mosthappiness.

Youll never settle in your love life, and thats a beautiful thing.

You become more independent.

When youre on your own again, you emerge with a stronger sense of self than you had before the breakup. You have an independent streak that makes every day feel like something exciting could happen to you.

You do more and more on your own, and you preferit that way. Breakups teach you how to stand on your own two feet and trustyourself over anyone else. And that quality is infectious: Everywhere you go, peoplewill bedrawnto your newfound brand of confidence.

You reconnect with old friends.

No matter how carefully you try to balance all aspects of your life, you inevitably have less free time to devote to yourfriendships when you’re in a relationship. And thats perfectly normal.

But once youre back on your own, you have the time, the clarity and the energy to take those friendships to the next level. Your friends have been there for you through it all, and its incredibly satisfying to cultivate those personal relationships after youve ended a romantic one.

You’ll be so much better in your next relationship.

Its completely normal to feel down after a breakup. Butover time, youll become an improved version of yourself not to mention a better and more understanding partner to the next person you date.

When you end a relationship, you take the lessons you learned and carry them with you into your future romances. Each time you date someone new, youll be that much closer to the best version of your relationship-self.

Trust me on this: It takes heartbreak to learn what really matters in love.

You get motivated to get healthy.

After youve performed all the required post-breakup rituals, you arrive on a more fulfilling, healthy path. There is something about a breakupthat really motivates you to upgrade and improve your life.

You start eating better, hitting the gym and picking up new hobbies. Being healthy is a good way to get back on your feet, and youll feel better for it both physically and mentally.

You learn what you’re capable of.

Breakups are no walk in the park. Butin the end, they make you so much stronger.

There are times when you feel like youll never come out on the other side. But you will. And when you do, you’llemerge with a thicker skin and a more nuanced view of the world. Heartbreak will never break you. Itll MAKE you.

Because youll make it into something great.

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