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A friend was at a bar. A guy walked in, paid for a beer, set this on the counter and walked out.


ilikeleeks says:

But that’s not even good beer.

NexTerren says:

What’s up with that emoticon?

BenAubrey says:

Could have at least bought him a proper beer.

CondescendingCunt says:

What made him hate the guy so much that he’d buy him a Bud Light after death? Poor guy, not even Hitler would deserve such a fate. RIP.

Phallus says:

Why would you honour someone with a bud light?

dbrsong says:

End of the day. This is just a waste of a good beer sgt would agree.

idontcaregood says:

not really tho

donsyuk says:


CondescendingCunt says:

Then they’re better off dead.

Casana says:

RIP = Re – I don’t give a fuck – Post

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot222 says:

“given my best shot” poor, poor choice of words…

CondescendingCunt says:

…”good beer”? Pardon, but are you a moron or do you just suffer from an incurably appalling palate? Either way, you disgust me, you scum.

CondescendingCunt says:

Why not? It’s not as if he’d mind. What with being dead and all. And I’m sincere when I say that there’s things worse than death: Bud Light.

Dominian says:

Really? Some unknown dead soldier? The realization that he had friends, who cared? We ignore that and worse all day but here is a pic so sob

CondescendingCunt says:

Then drink hard liquor and not this swill that can only be called piss water.

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