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AA 2014 Thoughts Part 2


Airlift82 says:

It was great to meet you both in person, glad to hear you enjoyed your
first AA :D

Bluedragon111 says:

Ah I really wish I’d been there to see the third party panel. It sounds
just like I wanted it to be. Thanks for going through it though, it’s good
to hear they’re not in danger of being hunted down by Hasbroken!

I don’t remember seeing you on any of the days so I apologise if I was
around and didn’t say hello.

See you next year!

destructionsnakepit says:

It was a joy and an absolute pleasure meeting you guys. You were, without a
shadow of a doubt, a highlight of the convention and I can’t see it being a
year until we meet again.
I didn’t see the 3rd party panel because I was around the hall and artists,
from what I’ve heard though, lots to look forward to.
After buying a couple of prints from Livio Ramondelli I agree a commission
is the next step.
I’m glad all 4 of you had a great time. Looking forward to getting to know
you better both on here and in person. 

razzitron says:

very happy AA was awesome for you guys … 🙂 …

6sh0t Changer Reviews says:

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