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‘Abort it and try again’: Richard Dawkins on unborn babies with Down syndrome!/awsiegel/status/502121875586027520

English writer, “scientist,” and all-around dirtball Richard Dawkins has argued that “any fetus is less human than an adult pig,” though he did concede that that doesn’t mean a human “fetus gets zero weight.” Unless, apparently, that human fetus has tested positive for Down syndrome:!/RichardDawkins/status/502071693138223104!/RichardDawkins/status/502104073009922048!/RichardDawkins/status/502106262088466432

This is a man who wouldn’t think twice about aborting a disabled child — or “it,” as he says. Who is he to lecture anyone on morality?!/LouBiggs/status/502119950665125888!/SethAMandel/status/502117888728530945!/RichardTheBurns/status/502122190196965376!/thetommorrissey/status/502120857016496130!/MaxWindCowie/status/502113070488244224!/DavidSeawright/status/502121801259184129

Ironic that Dawkins fancies himself a judge of the value of someone’s life when his entire existence amounts to little more than being a moral cockroach.!/davidharsanyi/status/502107021198757888!/Diddley_Squat/status/502119835522715648!/snowed_in/status/502119612918427648!/BonkPolitics/status/502125778092687360

Who's the more compassionate one here?…

Or…— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) August 20, 2014!/ksej/status/502120973316145152

He’s gonna need it.

Editor’s note: The title of this post has been changed from “‘Abort it and try again’: ‘Revolting’ Richard Dawkins on unborn Down syndrome babies” to “‘Abort it and try again’: ‘Revolting’ Richard Dawkins on unborn babies with Down syndrome.”



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