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After Being Denied A Snow Day, University Of Illinois Students Respond With Racism And Sexism

1. On Sunday evening, everyone at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign received this email saying that classes would be in session on Monday, Jan. 27:

2. The email was sent by the university chancellor, Phyllis Wise.

3. Given the weather forecast for Monday, the student body was not thrilled about being denied a day off…

15. The attacks continued via a parody account created for Chancellor Wise, which racked up over 1,000 followers in a few minutes.

That account, too, has since been deactivated.

17. Some students even created a petition asking that classes be canceled. By 2 a.m. Monday morning, it had amassed over 7,000 signatures.

27. UIUC alumna Suey Park, who has played an active role in past hashtag movements, told BuzzFeed via email:

“I’d expect this from the student body. As you might have seen in the hashtag convo, many stated that they were also Chief fans. The

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