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America’s Most Wanted – John Walsh on Coping with his Son’s Death (Paley Center)


southport97 says:

The Adam Walsh Act has not been a public safety success.

linnjgurtner says:

Wish I could talk to John Walsh, then he would understand what everything I
do to help the lost. But now everyone knows me, it is impossiable to help
kids if they know your anykind of Law.They had my protection of overseeing
any abuse or drug OD. I could of been the sober one to call 911 for them! I
protect with my life because I like to see them Succeed in life, where I
never had a chance. They can change, we need to have some faith in them.
Most of all that Jesus cares for their Souls..OXXX

GFORCEpackattack says:

@southport97 aww are u on the sex offender list for having consensual sex
nawh im just playing

Alejandra Arevalo says:

Wow negative comments it’s ashame how people sit on their ass worried about
how much money this and that is if ur not supporting Mr.John Walsh get off
this video!!well I admire this man and I couldn’t imagine the pain he
felt,his shows has helped many families,but hello this mother effin earth
still has so many bad people with darkness in their heart! Evil has no end
until,judgment day!so let’s keep prayer more criminals are stopped

smittyk68 says:

@southport97 Have you ever lost a child to the hands of a pedohile or a
serial killer? Has anyone close to you been murdered with no resolve? This
man has served as a voice for many survivors of crime victims and he has
taken his personal tragedy and tuned this horrific event into something
positive-in holding the perpetrator of violent crimes as well as this
broken justice system accountable-his plight for justice is for crime
victims and their families

lindsay walsh says:

and the show is better than ever!!!!!

southport97 says:

I hear so much about how “god saved my child” when someone is in an
accident and they survived, and when a child doesn’t die in a school
shooting… but there’s no “god killed my child” when they actually do die.
No god was involved either way. It’s just like saying that John Walsh has
kept your child safe which is nonsensical and illusory “what if” thinking.

thechangeling613 says:

Otis Toole was CIA MKULTRA.

springchickn says:

@deadpool514 : yes I’ve been catching them on Lifetime since finding that
out! Thanks! It’s great news, isn’t it? He’s a hero we need…

Lafawn Parker says:

If you believed in jesus Christ I believe this would’nt of happan Jonny
internet Police vs a cop I want to see learn about jesus Christ

GeneratedNoodle says:

Yes God bless you John.

Bryan8329 says:

“psychic burden”???

CuriousKimification says:

@springchickn Why did they take AMW off the air? They were catching so many
criminals, helping the cops serve justice, why did they take AMW off the

springchickn says:

@CuriousKimification it’s one of those corporate decisions, unfortunately,
probably all about ratings. I was hoping that TruTV would pick them up,
hopefully someone thought to suggest that. I will go to the TruTV website
and suggest it to their customer feedback email address. Hope you will too.
Yes they did a LOT of good in this world. John Walsh is a true hero. Lord
bless him.

BloodyBrokenGirl says:

I grew up watching AMW. Even as a child I always admired the Walsh’s for
being able to bring about something wonderful from their tragedy. They have
brought killers and rapists to justice and have brought children home.
While it is sad that the show is not on the air anymore after so many years
of making a difference they will still be out there advocating for the
victims and their families.

Jane Doe says:

I Think It’s The Untrained Worker At That Sears Store Fault, I Think it
should’ve been a trained woker, and should’ve told those boys that was
playing a video game, and adam, to be aware of a stranger.

Ivan olivas says:

@springchickn they still make episodes

187v1ctim says:

Ignorant fool below me

garrett johnston says:

That’s sad I know the whole story what happened I used to watch it

southport97 says:

What… the HELL? John got RICH off of exploited his son’s death. Tear of
rage = sympathy and fear “it could happen to your little swamp rat, too”
for profit. Do some research before embarrassing yourself on the world

daveNlc says:

it this positive , or latent fear-mongering from a person who needs to seek
closure in the case of his child. though the event is tragic, like the
Casey Anthony case. do we need to have it shoved down our throats, on a
daily basis. these cases are few ad remote not generally in ones backyard,
as John Walsh would wish.

Aerron Tate says:

Ya’ too bad the law enforcement has not changed as a matter of fact in some
areas it is even law enforcement involved and profiting from criminal
activity. Lawrence County Missouri is the highest Meth producing County in
the nation both of it’s currant sitting Judges have family and friends
involved in it. Think I’m kidding don’t L.C. has some of the worst child
abuse cases and yet the abusers are protected here because the federal
funding would dry up if it were stopped.

sagebates says:

God bless you john

vgustavo23 says:

We need more people in law enforcement like John Walsh, very honest and
dedicated to his work. Especially people in the government.

John Walsh says:

I fucked him up

feret88 says:

One day we will all b in two lines one bad one good godbless all the good

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