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An Abandoned Fox Kit Was Crying For Help — And Luckily, A Veterinarian Heard

A couple was on a hike when they heard small, strange sounds coming from some tall grass. What they discovered cowering in fear was a fox kit that had been attacked and then abandoned.

The man behind the camera said they had two choices…and his wife, who was a veterinarian, immediately scooped the little fox up.

They brought the little tyke home. She was fed and the open wound on her neck from the attack was patched up.

The noises she makes will break your heart.

In just a few days, the little girl regained her strength (and sense of humor).

Although their time together was sweet, it wasn’t long before the couple and the fox kit had to part ways.

Thankfully, Blue Ridge Wildlife Center took the fox in to be rehabilitated.

What were the odds that this little fox in desperate need of help happened to be found…by a vet? This wild friendship was meant to be.

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