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Apparently, my wife of 20 years is Scumbag Stacy.


MountainManKing says:

Punch her in the ovaries…only solution I see here.

girlfromthenorthcountry says:

I’m really sick of this meme and the Scumbag Steve meme.

Blaised says:

Well, she apparently was not married “happily” for 20 years. No excuse though.

haIreallysigneduphere says:

Ha. Bitch you decided this life wasn’t for you so YOU can leave.

Ilovehowstephenfrysaysroom says:

Just get out of there while you still can!

biotechonista says:

oo, baby after 40; risky move, scumbag stacy.

thegoldenblazer says:

Can I call the meme police? This is a 20-something girl meme. Not your wife.

ManKanAlltidTaMer says:

How can this sort of total scumbaggery NOT be apparent at any previous point during the 20 years of marriage? I’m honestly baffled.

DoctorAvatarTheLastOfTheTimeBendingAirLords says:

Leave. And take the kids with you.

SirAwesomeTheThird says:

Burn it. I mean her, sorry, I forgot she was a human after what she did.

MrsWhitekeys says:

Not that I condone cheating, but FFS… the extra layer of stupid and poor planning just gets to me.

zakyire says:

I refuse to believe so many imgurians are in so many fucked up relationships/marriages.

razokkull says:

Same. :/

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