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AroPaw Cat Toys Interactive – Cat Toy with Rotating Running Mouse and A Two in One Scratching Pad – Catch The Mouse – Catnip Toy Mouse (Catnip Not Included) – Quality Kitten Toys

AroPaw’s Highly interactive best cats toy are made from the utmost quality and environmentally safe materials available anywhere.

Interactive automated toys are extremely important for the health of cats as it encourages exercise for the mind and body, Like electronic cat toys just minus the batteries!

Aropaw was founded based on the life experience of its founder, Mark Streicher. Initially, Mark had a hard time relating to the comfort ans enjoyment brought upon by pets. However, after getting a firsthand look at the impact animals can have, all this changed. Mark’s family member suffered from severe medical depression and options for relief were limited; nothing seemed to help. Then, medical professionals suggested a new approach which featured patient interactions with therapy pets. This proved to be a turning point in the emotional health of the family member, bringing upon a successful recovery so that he could go on to lead a normal life.

Mark was struck by the pivotal role pets can play in the lives of humans and by the remarkable changes they can make every day.

Mark embarked on a journey to give back to pets by founded AroPaw, which creates supplies and toys that will truly enhance the lives of pets all over the world.

Additionally, AroPaw has partnered with local therapy pet services to donate 10% of all proceeds to help pay for therapy pet sessions for those that aren’t fortunate to afford such services.

We hope to bring you on board this wonderful journey of helping those less fortunate gain comfort and healing through the loving warmth that therapy pets have to offer.

Product Features

  • ☝ INTERACTIVE CAT TOY – Great design and quality kitten toys , made from non toxic hard plastic, Rounded edges for safety, and the mouse is attached firmly to the rotator. A truly unique cat toy.
  • ☝ HEALTHY – Encourages healthy active movement and interactive activity to enhance our Cats overall health and well being, by encouraging exercise of the mind and body.
  • ☝ ROTATES – Rotates based on you kitty’s touch, and continues to spin 360 Degrees in both directions, Without the use of batteries. A must have Kitty Toy or Adult Cat Toy!
  • ☝ TWO IN ONE – Top felt pad can be used as a scratchpad, to encourage healthy cat scratching habits, and clean claws thereby helping to keep cats from scratching furniture.
  • ☝ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Great gift for all cat lovers. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns- Our Motto has and always will be ‘ The customer comes first’, We will do our utmost to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

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Anonymous says:

My cats Ashes and Smokey have never loved a toy so much they play with it for …

Anonymous says:

And what I love is that no battery is required My cat loves this toy! And what I love is that no battery is required! When the toy first arrived, he played with it for about 45 minutes. Since then, some of the novelty has worn off, but he is still intrigued and he still plays with this for short periods everyday. If you have an indoor cat who needs to be entertained, this is a good toy. Like toys with my kids when they were little, I will probably put this away and then periodically take it out again to keep his interest fresh. The product…

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