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‘Arrogance is bliss’: What’s up with Lois Lerner’s Obama face?!/Junebug1952/status/337600114497572864


As Twitchy reported, IRS official Lois Lerner refused to testify before the House Oversight Committee yesterday.  She did not, however, refuse to show her arrogance: That was on full display.!/TomTomJAnderson/status/337324730153574401

Hmm. Speaking of hubris and idiocy …!/BwellGroup/status/337215285708849154

The fabulous Jammie Wearing Fool swiftly also noted that apt comparison:

It’s as if having to testify before Congress is just so beneath her.

Wonder where she gets that from?

Go check out the hilarious photos and see for yourself.!/princy_lyn/status/337584352173113344

Compare And Contrast: Lois Lerner Strikes The Classic Obama Smug Pose……— Tory Boston (@concreteczar) May 23, 2013!/tryonagitator/status/337591337006297088

Those Twitter users aren’t the only ones who noticed. Hubris and smug condescension was all the buzz during Ms. Lerner’s appearance before the committee.!/KMBReferee/status/337212826353537026!/MarkBarnack/status/337208541498707968!/nancylleonard/status/337351312721195010!/windyintr/status/337389276742430720!/PatLynnFor/status/337212031751036928

She learned from President Hubris.

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