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Author Kelly Oxford: ‘Men can control their d*cks’!/kellyoxford/status/504377364848320515

There’s been quite a bit of buzz online about a new nail polish developed by four North Carolina State University undergraduates that can reportedly detect “date rape” drugs such as Rohypnol that have been slipped into alcoholic drinks.

White some find the invention ingenious, others feel it’s one more thing that puts the onus on women to prevent rape. “Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar” author Kelly Oxford called the whole thing “asinine.”!/kellyoxford/status/504381462226165761

Oxford retweeted those who disagreed with her opinion on the polish.!/jrperk21/status/504380980464214016!/brooksrocco/status/504381556564443137!/kellyoxford/status/504382003589173250

Those crazy “white dudes.”!/kellyoxford/status/504382955847180289!/jesperkiehn/status/504393051268063233

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