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Baby With ISIS Flag Is One Of Many Young Children Being Raised To Join The Militants (Photos)


The terrorist organization ISIS is using a baby to make a dramatic statement about its mission.

A new photo shows an infant placed with the ISIS flag, grenades, a pistol and a rifle.

The baby photo, posted with the hashtag #IS, has sparked outrage across the Internet. This seems to be the youngest child used by ISIS to date.

The organization seems to be trying to spread a message about how young it begins indoctrinating members. An earlier image of a child came with the chilling, translated caption,

Ask yourself, while this young man is holding magazines of the Islamic State, what are you doing for it #ISIS.

In the last year, the group has posted a series of pictures to Twitter depicting children in violent poses.

The photos, labeled with the ISIS logo, include the 7-year-old son of an ISIS member holding a severed head and a child posing with a rifle.

Several of the images show the children in ISIS garb, many of their faces covered to avoid identification.








Photos Courtesy: Twitter

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