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Best Seller Memorial Gift Sympathy Wind Chime PRIME Rush Shipping for Funeral Loss in Memory of Loved One Copper Listen to the Wind Memorial Garden Remembering a loved one

Limited time offer- Buy 1 chime receive a second for 30.00 (41% off) AND receive our shops signature memorial magnet “Through the strongest of storms.” We offer customization at checkout. No need to worry that these chimes will sound “tangy or clangy” all of the chimes in our shop carry a very comforting med/deep tone because the chimes themselves are made of high quality material. This listing is for the copper 26 inch wind chime with 3 inch circle reading- Listen To The Wind And Know I Am Near. Bubinga finish wood, 5 copper aluminum tubes measuring 9-12 inches in length. Tone- Medium hand tuned 5 note scale. A 2 inch ornate teal patina finished medallion adds the perfect finishing touch to this special piece. Shipping directly to a recipient is a large part of our business. We never include invoices and our products are carefully wrapped for gift giving. To a mourning heart the sound of music can create a sense of peace and relaxation. These beautiful chimes will be marked with a constant remembrance of a loved one. During the strongest of storms or the softest breeze. So many memorial gifts simply sit on a shelf and eventually are stored away. This very unique handcrafted piece offers the recipient a tangible reminder and a beautiful conversation piece, that can be enjoyed for years. If you would like this chime customized please refer to this listing-

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Beautiful sound & quality!

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