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Better Life Natural Plant Based Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Safe on All Hard Floor Surfaces, Citrus Mint, 32 Ounces (Pack of 2)

The green ready-to-use floor cleaner that loses the dirt in a couple squirts. Spill some wine. Go “oops” with your soup. What’ll drop most is your jaw, because Simply Floored! will do a shiny number on tile, wood, stone, laminate, linoleum and even cement. It’s a cleaner, not a wax, so no worries about waxy build-up on your floor (or feet, for that matter).

Product Features

  • Safely cleans and restores a brilliant shine to: hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, and other sealed floors
  • No Rinsing, No Residue: Great for cleaning daily spills or the entire floor (squirt directly on surface)
  • Free of VOCs, alkyphenol surfactants, and petroleum
  • Delicious citrus mint scent (perfume free)
  • Not tested on animals

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Anonymous says:

Smells wonderful, and cleans so very well ! I rate this floor cleaner a 4.5 of 5.0 ! Con: the price is a bit high unless you are a Prime member, HOWEVER, do not miss the chance to purchase this cleaner !! It has a nice light minty/citrus scent that does not affect my allergies, because its mostly essential oils! I use it around pets and children with no side effects, and the duty it does on grimy floors is amazing! I have used it on tile, pergola, natural stone, laminated surfaces, porceIain, hardwood, and still trying out more! Highly…

Anonymous says:

GREAT STUFF! I LOVE THE RESULTS… READ MY TIPS BEFORE YOU START… LOVE, LOVE THIS STUFF! Reordering right now. You will read in some reviews that it was sudsy, and that is because they has squirted too much cleaner on the floor. Do small sections at a time. I used a microfiber mop and got beautiful results. PLEASE NOTE YOU NEED A BUCKET OF CLEAN WATER TO RINSE YOUR MOP EVERY COUPLE OF SECTIONS. IF NOT, YOU ARE MOPPING YOUR FLOOR WITH A DIRTY MOP. Change that water too, for every room. Make sure all dirt and dust is vacuumed off the floor before using the…

Anonymous says:

Floor Cleaner…… I use it to clean everything else as well in the house. I absolutely love this floor cleaner. The smell is wonderfully energizing and pleasant with a soft minty citrus smell that is more minty to me. I really wish that the smell was available in other cleaning products by Better Life. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and perfumes and have had no problems what so ever with this product. It cleans my floors really nice, both tile and laminate wood. I know it says for floors but I went over my walls, dressers, mirrors, windows and other objects…

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