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Bliss A Tan For All Seasons 4.4 oz

What it is:An advanced, streakless self-tanner formulated with aloe vera, antioxidants, and a transfer-resistant bronzer. What it is formulated to do:This quick-drying, continuous spray self-tanner gives you a gradual, ‘sun-believable’ tan from head-to-toes. The aloe vera and antioxidant-infused formula hydrates and heals skin, fighting free radicals with botanical extracts while the light citrus scent keeps skin smelling sunny and bright. The instantly-visible sun set(TM) bronzer makes it easy to track where you spray and its transfer-resistant sheen won’t stain clothing. What else you need to know: Treasured in Bliss Spa treatment rooms, this tanner is known to camouflage cellulite.

Product Features

  • A quick drying self-tanning mist.

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EyEs Of a TrAgEdY says:

🙂 No oompa loompa coloring here! Found one bottle of this on the clearance rack for 3.99 at Ross, then looked it up online and found the price of one bottle can be as high as 39 bucks! I have some skin discolorations on my foot where the skin is lighter than the rest of me and got this to even it out and it worked with the first application and came out tan like my natural tone not orange so I was very pleased. I was thinking I may try it on the rest of me tonight but after seeing how much it cost i think i will just save it…

mech6674 says:

Great Product 0

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