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Bliss n Eso Feat Nas – I am Somebody (Lyrics)

Bliss n Eso – I am Somebody New song (I am Somebody) from Bliss n Eso’s new album (Circus In The Sky) Lyrics down below Hope you enjoy Please Like, Subscribe…

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smoking cotton says:

up loud and reckless!

InternetAddiction101 says:

It came out three months ago man

CreamedRacoon says:

Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 Thanks guys

ezio auditore says:

What’s her name?

runlively says:

I can’t believe Nas is on this track

matthew fellamazzei says:

Nas? wooooaaaaahhhh!!!!! didnt know these guys were so famous

MoneyMCKing007 says:

Damn that chick is fine as hell!!! And the song is dope too

ColeZXGaming says:

idk, but I like it 😀

Mentalduck87 says:

It’s called the “Show more” in the descriptions


I dunno why they had a look like this on the track with nas when they’ve
got nas style hooks on other tracks on this album? Unless nas said he was
feelin this one? I dunno seems fuckt but props to bliss n eso for gettin
the goat on their record and Nas is on point here, Aussiie style got him
out of his comfort zone maybe n he shining

Cherise Thomas says:

fuck she’s hot as didnt you fags notice?

BewareTheRising says:

Why not?

lovethe janoskians says:

Love love love x

ononuto says:

love it from nz, this is mean!!!!

Neofelis Neo says:

Play this loud! 🙂

4BiZ20 says:

do you know what year this song came out?

Elldogga says:

thanks bro

Lucas Manitta says:

Love it but why the hot girl in the picture?

Keiran Field says:

Came for the girl, left cause they isnt fucking lyrics onscreen

ItsMeMattyB says:

i hate rap but i love this song!

InYourEndo Bro says:

Just cannot stop clicking replay!

Anthony Suppnick says:

Another great song from the B&E is “Reflections” check it out

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