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Willie Williams says:

Jsatank always have that one song every year that has no comparison.
Partition is a hard MF and that’s coming from an olé school JUKE!!!

KKing Toni says:

Looking back at this….there is a major difference in this and the Bayou
Classic situation. I feel like if you have an announcer trying to silence
you, but hyping the other band (home band), I would have kept going too
lol! Naw bruh…..if you can’t make an announcement at any time they
supposed to play, don’t cross me lol

Willie Williams says:

SU baiting them to give their best early and finished them!!!!

YungStar Jc says:

Best batlle I ever heard hands down both bands on point!

Shawn Cannon says:

Partition is trash my nigga……………….only one good part in the
whole song and it features the btones

Frederick Crook says:

I enjoyed every minute, very entertaining show. Both bands brought their a
game and represented their schools well. Good job Band Directors

khalel2tru says:

SU Where I wanna be…. EPIC!!!!

btonenupe bryant says:

jsu played say la la great, but leave that song at FAMU

Erick Soto says:

friends could tell me what the name of the first song and that artist is

Scarfinger Hoodrich says:

Got damn SU Where I Wanna Be!!!!!!

aljona Drayton says:

I enjoyed the battle but I guess JSU percussion for the forgot the fact
they are in a gun that the drum don’t have to be beat so hard. A lot of
songs that had tuba breaks the tubas were drowned out

Demetrius Rollack says:

Maneater fanfare

Willie Williams says:

That was a strategic move to make jsu to come with their best song early,
Partition.. It was all down hill from there.

trumpetdude27 says:

What was the song at 12:35?

TheRm2grow says:

The battle was over after SU played Where I Wanna Be!… IMO

Chris Walters says:

Name of fanfare at 4:10

Orin Mackey says:


Chris Walters says:

Name of song at 57:40

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