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Cantor rival: Right didn’t blame Bush for 9/11, but blame Obama for Benghazi!/MilitaryBrat13/status/438559447225761792

Progressive lib Mike Dickinson is campaigning to unseat Republican Rep. Eric Cantor in November. Dickinson has previously said the Tea Party and KKK are “one in the same” and that the FCC should regulate and monitor Fox News.

Here’s a fresh batch of Dickinson nuttiness:

I'll say it again:
9/11 3,000 deaths promote Bush war agenda and blame Muslims
Benghazi 4 deaths and blame President— DickinsonForCongress (@VoteMike2014) February 26, 2014!/VoteMike2014/status/438559316954865664!/VoteMike2014/status/438731164623589376

Post election career suggestions:!/cmonty48/status/438663899550732289

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