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Capitalism at Risk

Dutch Leonard and Lynn Paine, Harvard Business School professors and coauthors of “Capitalism at Risk: Rethinking the Role of Business,” describe how corpora…

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generic_username says:

*”how corporate leaders are responding to the forces challenging the free
market”* – That’s cute, considering that corporations and the people who
lead them are the single greatest threat to truly free markets.

Gloriana Aguirre says:
momoz88 says:

@etiennedouaze Businesses can provide solutions if they they prioritize
finding solutions for the current global issues over making money! making
money is indeed important but it should not be the solely purpose of

Ted Spradley II says:

@momoz88 You need to re-assess the goals of businesses, especially
multi-national corporations. CEO’s don’t “run” businesses, they facilitate
their investors goals. Good luck finding ONLY “ethical” investors.

Eternalspring22 says:

Funny, seems they have blacked out recent history from their memory. Have
we really forgotten Alan Greenspan’s Apology?? How can you forget that? Is
it arrogance or ignorance?

Ted Spradley II says:

@etiennedouaze EXTERNALITIES remove this incentive; Corporations REFUSE to
assess them because it would make their business design seem less
profitable than they originally told their investors. If a company risks
Earnings & Profit margins, they will fail outright because their
competitors do not, and to investors it seems much “safer” to jump ship.
BUT even so, the U.S. isn’t even close to a Free-Market; Capitalists are
not pushing for a freer market over say govt bailouts, subsidies, etc.

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