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Ceasefire interviews Aamer Rahman of Fear of a Brown Planet

Full review here: Currently on a UK tour, ‘Fear of a Brown Planet’ has taken the British comedy circ…

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AustralianRealist says:

What a gronk.. 

davisismail1comcast says:


Palestine says:

Awesome guy. :)

nathan walker says:

This guys whole act, which isn’t even comedy, is simply whining about
colonization and oppression on stage, nobody addresses the fact that he is
a Muslim.

No one ever remembers that arabs owned and operated the African slave trade
for centuries upon centuries, well before whites even thought about
colonizing other nations

And makes no mention of the whites that have been enslaved
No mention of the slavs that were enslaved
No mention of the Mamluks
No mention of the Barbary Piratees

Has no idea that Arabs never let blacks breed, attempted to sterilize them,
and any mulatto babies that were born from their black female sex slaves
were in fact killed.

Has NO knowledge of the Muslim incursions into Europe for 400 years, in
which european slaves were shipped back to the shit hole they came from in
the middle east

This guy is a joke, not even remotely funny, just another minority with a
sense of cultural marxist superiority who thinks hes owed something, taking
out his issues on the white man, as per usual.

TigerCeltKing says:

This prick does not represent “brown” people at all. My mother is Indian, i
come from an ethnic hybrid background. This dog is doing nothing more than
inciting racial tension. And stop using the word “brown” to describe south
Asians and Arabs you idiot, its a word the Chicano/latino/hispanic
community have proudly used and all you’re doing is tarnishing it. I have
experienced racism before, and let me tell you, ya complete dickwit, i will
not buy any of your “its impossible to be racist to whites” bullshit, you
accusing whites of oppression without having a good look at the history of
South Asia and the Middle east. Speaking of oppression look at Zanzibar and
the bloody revolution of 1964 where Indian and Middle Eastern nationals
oppressed the blacks of the nation and drove them to breaking point
resulting in dozens of Indians and Arabs being killed.Like it or not racism
is racism, you are just as much a pig as white racists if you belittle
another persons cultural background “white” or not. You pinko dog.

pretty bird says:

I agree with 90% of the things he says 

Maur Dakar says:

You’re a racist because you marginalize the individual in favor for
tribalism. Enough said.

HonestWanderings says:

Don’t doubt the role comedy plays in changing people’s minds! I think it’s
genius. It’s like sneaking vitamins into somebody’s lucky charms…sort of.
Comedy makes things much more consumable than other mediums, and when
something makes you laugh, it gets under your skin in a different way. I
have definitely had my mind changed by comedy. You rock, Aamer!

MaxwellBennett says:

racist prick 

Catherine Guo says:

this guy is my idol

Lydia Nubian-q says:

this is beautiful, non-white people uniting together and addressing these

ozza1011 says:

Interviewer is such a cutie, I must remember to go to England some day.

CaptainHurricane says:

You’re a racist. Past history changes nothing. You’re a racist scum like
all other racists. You’re no better than a redneck.

Dailycracker says:

Go Aamer! Fvck white d1ckheads and their hypocrisy. Give them a dose of
their medicine and the thin skinned bastards are crying “racism”!

Matt Murphy says:

With a Polish name in Blighty you wouldn’t be too popular with the white
working class either. Eastern Europeans are seen as diminishing working
conditions and wages as much as ‘Pakis’. I’ve seen Samsung electronics
(Korean) that are made in Slovakia. Maybe you’ll find your ‘White Homeland’
in Montana – though they’d probably think you’re a Russian.

Jersy Blafoski says:

well i am not polish. Did you ever watch the young ones? People are afraid
of a white homeland in South Africa thats for sure. This guy is a muslim
superamcist who talks alot of antiwhite shit. Hes just a smartass his own
country is a backward shit hole where they shoot returning muslim
colonisers from Burma. He wont talk about THAT.

sumballaboi says:

lmao smart asses like aamer… time to stop posting retard

Jersy Blafoski says:

islamophobia. A fear of islam. Lets see…..yeah I guess Ken Bigley didn’t
have it.

Jersy Blafoski says:

Dont be afraid of the white homeland!

ProphetVictory says:

you are severely mentally lacking.

Jersy Blafoski says:

They are fucking crazy, whats their greivances Allahboy? The USA taking out
the Talban? They are living in shit because their culture is shit and now
we are importing smart asses like Aamer to fuck up our societies.

BigBadCass87 says:


Matt Murphy says:

not many.

Matt Murphy says:

The sad thing is that his encapsulation of Australian history is balanced
and accurate, but would be seen by the mainstream as a radical “black
armband view of history”.

Jersy Blafoski says:

Sorry its not accurate, we hung people who murdered aborigines.

Jersy Blafoski says:

The motherland, get down to Bricklane and he will fill right at home. The
white australia policy was to keep the standard of living high and workers
wages and conditions civilized. He needs to take his sociology course
again. Does fear of a brown planet have a fear of a white homeland? Howard
let in more Brown people than any other prime minister. Good to Westmead in

MetalGearGhost77 says:

ha ha, he talks about innocence of muslims being provocative and
pre-mediated provocation? Wow, talk about a hypocrite when he’s making
racist jokes about white Australians, bombing Australian TV stations and
ANZAC day being a hate fest to attack minorities….such hypocrisy deserve
a kick in the balls

Mary b says:

Good interview. Just discovered Aamer and Nazeem today – watching video
after video and CRACKING UP! Racist? Haha come on. It’s intelligent,
political, cultural humour. Love the vids about your family lives too. You
guys are all-round awesome! I’m a new fan. Signed, White Canadian Girl lol

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