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CNN anchor who saved Obama during 2012 debate gets an award!/gwenifill/status/441351896125546497

Let’s all take some time to remember back when we still had hopes that Barack Obama would be a one-term president, and how those hopes were dashed by a lapdog media willing to do whatever was necessary to keep him in office. It was during the first presidential debate that CNN’s Candy Crowley jumped into the fray to lie for Barack Obama when GOP nominee Mitt Romney rightly said Obama did not call Benghazi “terrorism” the day after the attack. Remember?

Here’s the full transcript of Obama’s Rose Garden remarks. Romney was right. Crowley was wrong. CNN host Anderson Cooper admitted it. Even Crowley herself sorta admitted it, acknowledging that Romney was “right in the main.”

Let it never be said that the press doesn’t take care of its own:!/redpens68/status/441354043911569408

This is the most ridiculous mockery of the profession of journalism since, well … since someone gave a similar award to Andrea “deceptively edited video” Mitchell:!/JudyWoodruff/status/386303530124181505



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