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CNN causing racial tension?

These shootings were most likely racially motivated and the victims were shot at different times. But these killings may be the result of the main stream med…

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Andrew Dagostino says:

You are right about motivating tension. The cnn knows what thay are doing.
All part of the agenda. The sheep will not see it. Get ready.

TruGunna says:

I think their a bunch of FUCKTARDS, attempting to degrade our Great nation
with this bullshit! FOX, CNN, NBC, and the rest of them! Oh yea, to the
dude down below me, you HAVE GOTS to stop believing that ALL Blacks think
alike, because we don’t! I dont give a FUCK about Jessie Ass Jackson, Shit
Sharpton, or that 5 member so called Black Fake ass Panther Club (can’t be
a group, to damn small), and BELIEVE me, I’m NOT the only 1 who feels this
way. Never put on a hoody, or said “I am Travon”!

darque29 says:

Its to make white americans feel guilty for everything that may have been
done in the past present and future. So when they go to the voting polls in
november, they will vote to appease the small minority thinking it will
atone for the sins and crimes of others. Its the same tactics they do with
dog attacks. If its a pitbull you will hear about it but if its a labrador
it wont get mentioned.

farcher3 says:

White House Insider/Ulsterman predicted that Obama would get desperate and
start a fear of race war to get blacks to return to him after they losr
heart ’cause he did nothing for them. This is like in ’65 with the Watts
riots. The media played a big part in that. Now we have the internet to
counter this media race baiting. We as americans must stanbd united against
this media-obama desperate attempt to keep him in powerWe should do as the
vid poster said and watch this story and speak out.

jergensenC6 says:

It is all about racial divide. Get the black community worked up, and keep
them that way untill the November elections. If Obama does not get the
large black voter turnout, he can not win. I read last week, in Florida,
about the 2 black teens, that beat a 50 yr old man to death with a hammer.
The article never even mentioned, the victim was white. If the mug shots
were not released of the suspects, no one would have known what color they
were too. WTF !

doodle says:

The whole stirring up the blacks is political by the left wing media. Its
to galvanize the blacks into voting. (They vote for Obama anyway….this is
to just stir up the base into coming and voting). Its the same thing with

TroubleMan21C says:

It’s all divide and conquer… if we’re all at each other’s throats over
racial B.S., we’re not keeping our eyes on what our common enemy is doing.

Albee4ty5 says:

Oh yes. It is definitely racist against the non African Americans!! That is
what the news is all about. Whatever it takes to get this current President
re-elected and whatever it takes to try and push forward the anti-gun
agenda. It is not just CNN. They all are on board. Stay awake and
vigilant.. Like you point out. When it is Black on Black, no race is even
mentioned. It is so transparent it isn’t even funny.

Dave Gunslinger says:

Funny that the story made the news here until it was discovered that the
guy that was shot did not have a pipe, only a dog on a leash, and that the
guy that shot him was driving away. Oh Ya! And lied to the police about
what really happened. Now the story is all but gone from the news and the
police have not arrested him or even given out his name. I guess the police
are afraid that if they did Rev. JJ and old Al would be here demanding his
release. Where are all the mobs and candlelight vigils?

Man of Sin says:

Only one of those guys were Caucasian and the other one was Amerindian.

tilt909sb says:

Its just like the black guy that pulled a zimmerman out in frunt of a taco
bell in arizona. Shot a mexican guy and got away with it. There just
stirring the pot.

tilt909sb says:

Yea its funny if you look at that case compaired to the trayvon martin
case. I honestly think the media is trying as hard as they can to get
racial riots started again. Now they got that white guy that shot 5 random
blacks out in oklahoma, the media is going to have a field day with that
one. O yea lets not forget the 78 year old white guy that got jumped by 5
black pussies. The guy looks like he would have a hard time walking on a
good day, all 5 should be charged with attempted murder.

ChynnaDoll2 says:

causing racial tension is a money making business

aaronzack14 says:

just don’t listen to them.

The Lone Patriot 111 says:

Awesome my brother

farcher3 says:

This plan may backfire. The president had the romney-sanctorum republican
party civil war helping his out but racial tansion may unite conservatives
and even scared minorities who remember the 60s to join Romney and vote
from him in ’12. Just like by ’72 when Nixon won in a landslide, whites
will have no choice but to choose their own security over white guilt. The
Dem working class white community was always luke warm for Obama. He needs
THEM & other whites more than minorities in ’12 to win.


Agreed Sir, Our media try’s to cause racial tension on a daily basis!

Waste of Epics says:

i wondered why the media is doing this as well… from my research i’ve
found all of the top media stations are owned by jews… including the top
internet sites.. that’s as far as i’ll go because i don’t believe some of
the opinions but you can search further if you’re interested.

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