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Cocaine Cowboys panel (part 3 of 4) – South Florida Historical Museum


odin422 says:

@YorySesca unless your a private prison owner.

sz42781 says:

Mickeys a Genius, look at that bottle

TheUnknownGrower says:

yeah but he is tweaking

odin422 says:


YorySesca says:

This is damn interesting. But drugs are a demand-side problem so money
going into stopping it from the supply-side is like trying to empty a lake
with a spoon. Waste of time and money.

TheUnknownGrower says:

look what mickey does with his bottle lo hes high as fuck

hempbilly says:

In an interview mickey says he doesn’t smoke drink nothing.

hempbilly says:


RPenta says:

When the lawyer said you have to defend them on the “facts” and that got a
laugh, maybe what he should have explained was this: the Bush-Clinton-Bush
appointees to the federal bench have more and more eroded that rights of
the accused; backed up with a centrist Democrats in the Congress making the
criminal laws more Draconian. “..and therefore never send to ask for whom
the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” John Donne, Meditation XVII

MadnessOnFilm says:

The War on Drugs is a fraud.

odin422 says:


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