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Colgate University Students Sit-In to Protest Racism


baddogonline says:

Only white people care about racism. If you want to see real racism on
college campuses, go to the black student union or black dominated
campuses! Why doesn’t B:60 do a story about that? 

shuai ge says:

The White Liberal motto is: “Embrace diversity AT ALL COSTS, even when it
means decreasing overall levels of happiness, unity and trust throughout
society, and even when it means compromising one’s own safety and standard
of living, and even when non-Whites put their own racial interests first.”

Why are so many Whites celebrating diversity as they slowly become
minorities in nations founded and built by Whites?

White taxpayer money is being used to help fund diversity. In other words,
Whites are paying to replace themselves by non-Whites.(read INSANITY)

And they are celebrating it! (read EXTREME INSANITY)

I repeat, White liberals are funding and celebrating their own ethnic
displacement! This is LUNACY! No other race would do this.

People are tribal by nature. Birds of a feather…

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