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Congressional Hearings on Hip Hop – Panel 2 (1 of 9)


Andrew Flood says:

happy 43th birthday david banner !!!

Bamboozle Plague says:

Awesome speech!! Much respect to David banner!!

Commwarrior says:

David Banner – One of the few Hip Hop artists that has a Masters. 

Luis V Cabrera says:

Congressional hearings on hip hop???? Wow…just wow!

Shae D'lyn says:

whoa! what's the conspiracy here! no surprise… the weak and fearful bastards.

Pride! says:

i saw these videos before..but wanted to watch it again..and i can't find the video where a white representative of congress took the side of eric dyson, master p, and david banner..he said something like "i remember when the N.W.A. came out with the song fuck the police and i thought, that's horrible, and then later you see a whole lot of incidents in the los angeles area about police brutality" anybody know if that's still up?

Mr Unique74 says:


CausalObserver74 says:

somebody must not want something to be heard

scorpionkingno1 says:

what happend to the sound?

ohwello says:

the sound quality is amazing!!

liojohn says:

Your video has been hacked, so all you now hear is static.

FBI says:

man all i hear is static

pjharveyrox says:

does anyone know what has happened to the volume? it's all static-y. i really want to hear what they're saying.

onblock7 says:

Yeah hip hop is ruining children not the TV, Internet, Vaccines which cause autism, fluorinated water and stuff they put in their food like steroids and so on which can cause alot of the mental problems kids have today. Hip hop is killing the children though, not these things!

onblock7 says:

Yes LOL ARTFORM. I would put up lyrics from someone names Ras Kass or Nas and you put up your favorite artists lyrics and you will see it takes ALOT MORE TALENT to write stuff they do and there is so much more to their songs lyrically than some rock song or anything. I laugh at people who think it's all ignorant, like there is no knowledge out there in hip hop music, just because you hear things on the radio or tv. does not mean thats the whole. Some artists like Wu Tang and PE etc. are DEEP!

onblock7 says:

First of all most hip hop is meaningless and stuid b.s. like homey below me said. There however are still some artists out there who speak on real stuff and get deep, too bad these guys won't take the time out to listen to them or open their minds. Hip hop is not the problem in America, yet these idiots will try to deflect things on them to throw off the wrong doings they do themselves. They need something to blame? Idiots will buy it as well.

frankejara says:

David Banner is dope but he is losting his time doing this…
Hip Hop forever.
Look at RSC Anniversary, Uk Champs, Battle of the year, B.Boy Summit, Freestyle Session… on these events where at Hip Hop Lives.

frankejara says:

Industry is making the rules of RAP.
Not Hip Hop, Hip Hop is a culture and have more elements.
And all these elements still develop like Grafiiti, Breaking, DJing and Real MCing.
Rap came from Hip Hop but Rap is just the industry.
When Bambaataa gave the name Hip Hop for this was for all culture, not just Rap…
Please, stop say that this stupid music is Hip Hop, Its just Rap…

Clip5299 says:

I was responding to someone that said about music

kassi420 says:


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