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Conservation of Leather and Related Materials (Conservation and Museology)

The conservation of skin, leather and related materials is an area that, until now, has had little representation by the written word in book form. Marion Kite and Roy Thomson, of the Leather Conservation Centre, have prepared a text which is both authoritative and comprehensive, including contributions from the leading specialists in their fields, such as Betty Haines, Mary Lou Florian, Ester Cameron and Jim Spriggs.

The book covers all aspects of Skin and Leather preservation, from Cuir Bouillie to Bookbindings. There is significant discussion of the technical and chemical elements necessary in conservation, meaning that professional conservators will find the book a vital part of their collection.

As part of the Butterworth-Heinemann Black series, the book carries the stamp of approval of the leading figures in the world of Conservation and Museology, and as such it is the only publication available on the topic carrying this immediate mark of authority.

* First book to cover the subject comprehensively
* Wide coverage, including Fish and Reptiles, Taxidermy and Furs, making it invaluable for conservator, curator and collector alike
* Technical aspects of conservation discussed in full

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Anonymous says:

Not as advertised Amazon shows this ~$90 book as bound and printed in Italy (go to “Inside Cover” and check copyright page IV). In reality, it is bound and printed in China. This has happened to me before. The previous book’s binding broke when first opened. This one is not much better.Amazingly, when emailed, Amazon replied that nothing on their website showed where the book was printed and bound! Amazon doesn’t know what’s on a copyright page? Wow.So just be careful buying expensive…

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