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Crowds gather for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert featuring Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney and more!/ClarenceHouse/status/209698810019065859

Marking the third night of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is a concert featuring Paul McCartney, Madness, Grace Jones, Kylie Minogue and a host of others.

A live stream of the concert is available.

Viewers in the UK can watch a live stream of the #jubileeconcert on the BBC from 19.30BST #diamondjubilee

— BritishMonarchy (@BritishMonarchy) June 4, 2012

Sadly, the Duke of Edinburgh will not be attending the concert tonight; he has been hospitalized with a bladder infection. We wish him a speedy recovery!

The Duke of Edinburgh will not attend tonight's #DiamondJubilee concert

— BritishMonarchy (@BritishMonarchy) June 4, 2012

He has been admitted to hospital as a precautionary measure after developing a bladder infection #diamondjubilee

— BritishMonarchy (@BritishMonarchy) June 4, 2012

Two empty seats in front row of royal box. Only 1 will be filled when the Queen arrives. #DiamondJubilee #royal

— Peter Hunt (@BBCPeterHunt) June 4, 2012

On the scene reports and photos are rolling in.

The stage in front of Buckingham Palace for the BBC concert. #DiamondJubilee #royal

— Peter Hunt (@BBCPeterHunt) June 4, 2012

View from Buckingham Palace when a rainbow appeared over the concert stage about 20 mins ago: #diamondjubilee

— BritishMonarchy (@BritishMonarchy) June 4, 2012

Warming up for the start of the #Diamondjubilee concert outside Buckingham Palace #royal

— BritishMonarchy (@BritishMonarchy) June 4, 2012

Sir Paul McCartney interviewing me after I interviewed him for the #diamondjubilee celebration

— (@iamwill) June 4, 2012

Backstage getting ready for Diamond Jubilee concert

— Supersonic PR (@supersonicpr) June 4, 2012

Preparing for tonight's big event!! #diamondjubilee

— Robbie Williams (@robbiewilliams) June 4, 2012

Just had a quick cream tea with the family, now heading back to the gig #diamondjubilee

— Gary Barlow (@GaryBarlow) June 4, 2012

Paul will be performing at tonight's Diamond Jubilee Concert. UK fans can watch the show from 19:30. Details here:

— Paul McCartney (@PaulMcCartney) June 4, 2012

So excited and proud that my husband to be is performing at the Queens Diamond Jubilee (that rhymed) 😉 Wishing @JLSOfficial all the best x

— Rochelle Humes (@RochelleTheSats) June 4, 2012

Is watching The Diamond Jubilee Concert. Let's see what @GBarlowOfficial has to offer 4 us & Liz #DiamondJubilee #JubileeConcert

— Mike Crew (@Crewser_uk) June 4, 2012

Twitter users are excited about the concert and many are also sending thoughts and wishes to the Queen.

So proud to be british right now! #DiamondJubilee

— Lulu Alexandra (@llulubelle) June 4, 2012

Omg I'm so excited to see @JLSOfficial and Jessie #diamondjubilee

— Jessica Whitley (@Jessiecaaaa) June 4, 2012

Here we go london #diamondjubilee #jubileeconcert lets rumble and rock!

— Sarah Ferguson (@Duchess_0f_York) June 4, 2012

As the #DiamondJubilee Concert begins at Buckingham Palace, praise God for this opportunity to come together in community and fellowship!

— Premier Christian (@PremierRadio) June 4, 2012

By the grace of God, Queen Elizabeth II. God save the Queen! #DiamondJubilee

— Jack Purser (@JackPurser) June 4, 2012

Actually Soooo excited to watch this jubilee concert!:D #diamondJubilee #jubileeconcert

— Becca Hemmings (@BeccaaTW) June 4, 2012

If you're not already watching BBC1 it's time to tune in! #DiamondJubilee

— Robbie Williams (@robbiewilliams) June 4, 2012

A nation united in respect and celebration is a wonderful and uplifting thing to behold! #diamondjubilee

— WD Allan (@WDAllanPsychic) June 4, 2012

Yay. Concert time! Who's watching? #diamondjubilee #fb

— Chris Snelling (@chrissnelling) June 4, 2012

We will! Twitchy will update as the concert gets into full swing. Opening act, Robbie Williams, is receiving a great reception so far.

London Buck Pal concert. Who doesnt love Robbie Williams! #diamondjubilee

— Camilla Webster (@camillawebster) June 4, 2012

Sat chilling watching the #DiamondJubilee Perfect opening by the man @robbiewilliams

— Matt Briggs (@93briggsy) June 4, 2012

omfg!! robbieeee!! that set looks amazing! and look at all the people! #diamondjubilee.

— ccbloom (@toebag) June 4, 2012

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