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“ENTHRALLING!”– Amazing Stories official book review. As the world and cyberworld come crashing down, Mike Mitchell finds himself in a desperate struggle to keep his family alive when a monster snowstorm hits New York on Christmas Eve. An increasingly bizarre string of disasters start appearing on the world’s news networks when, in an instant, New York is cut off from the world, becoming a wintry tomb where nothing is what it seems…

“Wow! Enthralling! CyberStorm is a must read…this book is such a page turner. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next!” – Adria Fraser, book reviewer for Amazing Stories

“A chilling prophecy…well written, and provides a great pacing, a must-read for…any fan of good fiction.” – Ian Peterson, book reviewer for Sci-Fi Readers

“Mather is paving the road ahead…and leaving phenomenal tales in his wake. CyberStorm is a full-fledged entry into the SF genre–another masterpiece!” – Wes Davies, author of The Runner

From the mind of Matthew Mather, #1 best-selling author of the sci-fi/techno-thriller hit Atopia Chronicles, and one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts. CyberStorm is a disaster adventure of a different kind, a non-stop rollercoaster into the future that explores both the heights—and the depths—of the human spirit, a compelling portrait of a future that is all too terrifyingly real.

“The plausible nightmare scenario in this story absolutely terrifies me.” – Jeremey Bray, book reviewer for Global Geek News

“Terrifyingly realistic…this book has kept me up late saying, ‘Just one more chapter…'” – Mercedes Meyer, Amazon Vine Voice top 500 Reviewer

“A gripping modern-day page-turner that grabs you early and refuses to let go until the very end!” – Rob Linxweiler, Amazon reviewer

“A riveting account of the (potentially) devastating impact of cyber attacks on ordinary citizens.” – Merv Benson, book reviewer for Prairie Pundit

“…horrifyingly plausible detail, the total breakdown of our society’s frail physical and psychic infrastructure. Caution: may drive you to stock up on canned food and sacks of rice.” – Dr. Redfern Jon Barrett, author

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Astonishing, frightening and very possible novel of a global cyber attack Sometimes the greatest novels can be very frightening and depressing. Margaret Atwood’s classic “A Handmaid’s Tale” pictures a future dystopia being operated by a very militant Christian theocracy that has violently taken over the United State. We know of course of “1984”, which has all but come true, and the logical extension as far as our total reliance on the internet in “Cyberspace” details the horrific collapse of the internet and a one-two punch of a pair of…

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Hoping for something better Cyber Storm is more of a story about a group of people who band together and try to survive in an apartment building on Manhattan Island during raging snowstorms that shut down the city – literally – the loss of electricity, lack of food and water, and freezing temperatures cause chaos in the city. It doesn’t take long for roving bands of individuals to begin stealing from those who have supplies. Probably the biggest detractor to survival is the lack of accurate communication. With the web…

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