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Dad Proves Why You Should NEVER Put On Shoes Before Checking InsIde First

An enormous spider came crawling out of his sons shoe, just because he had left them outside by accident for one night! Check out the full story of what happened:

It was in Australia where a boy forgot to bring his shoes inside, and as a result he nearly paid a very dangerous price. The dad, thankfully, noticed something was going on in his sons running shoe. He pulls out a camera and captures a new tenant that apparently has checked in the night before and was setting up house. It was a big black gnarly looking spider!

The dad even says how there was a huge spider web nested inside the shoe that he noticed when he brought them inside the house. Dad also gives this bit of wisdom to viewers:

And this is why you should always check them before putting them back on.

He sprays in some bug spray to try to evict the tenant, but the tenant will not leave the inside of the shoe.

Dad takes a skewer and pokes at the web, hoping that this will get the spider to come out on his own.

And then moments later, out he comes. A massive black spider peers out of his motel room, then starts to circle the running shoe.

Dad simply says, Welcome to Australia.

The caption to the video once again gives this important reminder:

If you happen to leave your shoes outside overnight, always check them. Especially if you live in Australia.

Check out this big guy spider coming out of the shoe! Wow! Imagine if the kid wouldve thrown his bare foot in that shoe for a morning run! Ouch!

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