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David Banner On The Perception Of American Music


Thugnificent718 says:

@Viewer305212 That statement is evidence YOU should go to school … stop listening to rap music , it's hurting ur crack head brain even more ? even more than what ? You should learn to speak english, properly, before you tell anyone to go to school …. especially when you type like a fourth grader.

BLACKGURU635 says:

@MrJFMedia he always was on it

Thugnificent718 says:

@Viewer305212 That big mouth country nigga is not only richer than you but he graduated from southern university where he was also the President of the Student Government Association. So not only is he likely more wealthy than you he's also more educated.

DatGurlGo1 says:

It's all about the message that you want to put out there. Regardless what some people think music is universal. And I respect him for wanting to send out a more positive message instead of continuing to be negative. He is trying to seperate himself from the rest. Funny how young cats think if a man not talking about selling dope, popping guns, talking shit about women, and how much money they have you soft.

rugerrell55 says:

Fxck em, str8 up. He acts real gay nowadays.

CJ says:

@ankh4835 Yes, complete shit.

MV914 says:

Thar's some real talk.

ankh4835 says:

american music is black music

Matt Ro says:

David banner makes me sick shut up

JimastaJ says:

I think they just like the music. They don't even know what were saying.

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