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Designer Skin Saving Face 4 Oz

Fragrance free and hypo-allergenic, Saving Face is specifi- cally designed for the delicate facial area. Enriched with CoQ-10, Vitamin C, Carrot Oil and soothing botanical oils, it will promote golden facial tanning while potent antioxidants minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Product Features

  • – Designer Skin Saving Face Facial Acc 4 oz

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C. Cronk says:

Hypoallergenic is the KEY I am not sure if I’m qualified to rate this as a “tanning” lotion; I never really paid attention to the quality of my tan, since I was spending time in the bed for health reasons (psoriasis). When you tan for only 5-8 minutes at a time in a medium bed, I wouldn’t call bronzing your goal.What I can tell you, as someone with sensitive skin AND psoriasis, is that this never ONCE:* irritated* itched* burnedAnd it doesn’t have:* mineral oil (duh, it’s…

MistyT says:

Extremely Impressed! 0

Sunrain says:

Great Product! 0

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