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DP/30: Into The Storm, director Steven Quale

He worked his way up through the Hollywood system, often by the side of Jim Cameron, including 2nd unit on Titanic and Avatar, made a couple of small studio …

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SnarkyAardvarkFilms says:

This is one of my favorite interviews from this series. Very informative
and interesting. Thank you!

Dreamagain11 says:

You shit on Final Destination 5, his first film (which I didn’t even
realize he did) but he basically saved that franchise. It was spiraling
out of control with terrible sequel after terrible sequel and he came in
and did the best one since the original, so bravo to him. The only
positive RT rating out of the whole franchise fyi.

ffinixs says:

Great, super informative interview! 

Leox Vitale says:

You are a very talented interviewer dud

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